The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4033

Chapter 4033 The Whereabouts Of His Mentor

At that critical moment, a figure dashed forward at lightning speed and came between Gloria and Floyd. Slap! Floyd hit the intruder in his chest, and the faint cracking sounds of bones could be heard.

“Heptino!” exclaimed Gloria. She did not expect Heptino to save her in the nick of time. “Gloria, I finally… get to do something important for you…”

With that, Heptino breathed his last. Sorrow washed over Gloria. Little did she expect to be saved by the person who had betrayed her. Furthermore, there was no hint of regret in Heptino’s eyes.

“This is all my fault!” Feelings of regret engulfed Gloria because she had been making use of Heptino when he was alive. “Floyd! I’m going to kill you!” Gloria charged at Floyd like a lunatic. She was prepared to perish together with him.

“I should be the one telling you this.” There was no expression on Floyd’s face. He had been waiting for this day for far too long. After they exchanged a few blows, Floyd killed Gloria.

The past flashed across her mind as she was dying. “I have been toying with both of them. In the end, one of them saved me, and the other killed me. Perhaps this is fate!”

Gloria slowly closed her eyes and never opened them again. Floyd did not stay too long at Void Sect. He got down on his knees in front of Levi and said, “Master, my days are numbered. I’m sorry for disappointing you. Please take care!”

He then turned around and left. Looking at his determined figure, Levi let out a faint sigh. He could sense that Floyd’s aura was weakening rapidly. By the look of it, Floyd must have paid a huge price in order to attain his current cultivation level.

Levi did not stop him from leaving. Just as Gloria had said before she died, perhaps that was fate. Gloria had paid for all her sins with her life, whereas Floyd had to pay the price for his mistakes.

“Get rid of all the leaders of Void Sect,” ordered Levi coldly. Soon after, Levi slaughtered all of Gloria’s trusted aides like Wade, Xylas, and the others, annihilating Void Sect in an instant.

Finally, Levi got his revenge ever since the attack on the base. Roy, on the other hand, returned to Sky City and vowed to destroy Levi.

After finishing off the surviving minions of Void Sect, Levi was about to search for the clan that had attained advancement when Wilma arrived with her subordinates.

“Levi, come with me to the Prime Association, or I will have no choice but to take you away by force,” said Wilma coldly.

Levi smiled. “Oh? If you can’t convince me, you intend to take me by force? Looks like the whole lot of you from the Prime Association are sick and tired of living. Fine! I’ll get rid of all of you as well!”

The two parties then came to blows. Wilma had initially thought that the hundreds of Peak class fighters from Prime Company would be sufficient to take Levi down. She did not expect Levi to be able to slaughter those fighters so effortlessly.

“Wilma, go back and inform the Prime Association that I will be there to annihilate the entire association! Get lost!”

With that, Levi gave Wilma a hard kick. Even though she was seriously injured, that kick did not kill her.

After much interrogation, Levi found out that the headquarters of the Prime Association and the Cordierite Association and Roy’s family were all in Sky City.

He made his way to Sky City in the cloudship, intending to get rid of all the threats once and for all before things became more problematic in the future.

After all, it was only a matter of time before the Cordierite Association would want to seize control of Willowbank.

Two weeks later, Levi arrived in Sky City. Once he located the headquarters of the three powerhouses, he launched his bloody revenge.

The three powerful forces suffered numerous casualties under the overwhelming attack from Levi. They only managed to stay alive after surrendering to him.

After crushing them, Levi gained control of their remaining star ley lines.

He did not let such a precious opportunity to increase his abilities slip by. Using the star ley lines, Levi’s abilities had improved tremendously once again.

He also found out from the Weapon Master that Carigrey was the largest area in the Central. It was also the heart of the entire Kenfort.

The Taboo Clan was the most powerful force and also the Ruler of Carigrey.

The Lopez family was the most powerful family in the Taboo Clan. In particular, the patriarch of the Lopez family, Fernando Lopez, was so terrifyingly powerful that he was the best in the whole of Kenfort.


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