The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 812

Chapter 812
It was as if time stood still.

The tension in the room was so thick one could cut it with a knife.
The edge of the sword was so icy-cold that it sent chills down Seth’s spine.
Sweat droplets also started rolling down from his forehead, and he could not help but gasp.
The sword would have cut through his neck if it had tilted a little.

On the other hand, Levi remained calm and did not show any changes on his expression at all.
As if he felt nothing on his neck.

After a while, Kameda sat straight up and looked at Levi, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Why not?” Kameda was curious.
“Because I’ll smash his skull before he could do anything.” Levi said nonchalantly.
“Try me if you don’t believe it.”
Kameda and his men were stunned by how steady Levi was.

“Put down your swords.” Kameda signaled with a hand wave, and the two men retracted the swords from their necks.
“You’ve got a lot of nerve, young man. Others would have dropped to their knees right away!”
Kameda was impressed with how courageous Levi was.

“Cut the crap and do what I said. Clear the payment, settle the medical fees, and apologize immediately!”
Levi was running out of patience.

Kameda’s men took a step forward and gave Levi and Seth a murderous stare.
“How dare you come here and make all these demands?” Kameda slammed the desk with his hand.

“The man you saw earlier came for the same thing too, and he’s now half-dead after being beaten by my men!”
“Everyone in South Hampton knows I don’t deal with this ‘clear payments’ nonsense! Every year, I turn at least 100 people into cripples because of this demand. Yet, you people still come after me. Erudians are plain stupid!” Kameda said condescendingly.
“You’re not an Erudian, right?” Levi asked.

“That’s right! Not an Erudian but a Raysonian! What’s wrong?” Kameda wondered what was on his mind.
“You’re not an Erudian, yet you behave like a barbarian on our land?” Levi’s face darkened.
“This is how I run my business empire!”

“No one in South Hampton would dare to challenge me. Everyone here knows that!” Kameda exclaimed.
“Does that mean your word is law in South Hampton?” Levi sneered?

“Of course! I control everything in South Hampton. I am the law!”

Kameda took a sidelong glance at the two and said, “Bow before me and I’ll consider letting you off. Otherwise, be prepared to lose your legs!”
Levi ignored him. He took out of his phone and made a call, “Xabian, I thought you’re the most influential person in South Hampton? How come someone from Raysonia claimed to be the master of this land?”


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