The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 813

Chapter 813
The phone call Levi made shocked Kameda and all his men in the office.
Who did he call?

“Who is Xabian?” Kameda did not know what was going on.
“Xabian Goel, the patriarch of the Goel family!” His assistant reminded him.
“What? Mr. Goel?”

Having lived in South Hampton for nearly two decades, Kameda certainly knew who Xabian Goel was.
He’s the number one man in South Hampton!

None of the prominent families here would dare to defy his order!
“Are you kidding me? This lad gave Mr. Goel a call?” Kameda chuckled.

Did the young man just claim that he was calling Mr. Goel, the mysterious man who sits on top of the social pyramid in South Hampton?
An errand boy like him has access to Xabian Goel? Are you kidding me?

Everyone in the office burst out laughing.
South Hampton the most economically advanced city in the entire Erudia. Hence, a lot of prominent families were based here.
There were just too many prominent families here, but there was a hierarchy.

They were generally divided into the common prominent family, quasi-royal family, and true royal family.
The Goel family occupied the top spot of the royal family.

No ordinary folk, not even Kameda, was qualified to associate themselves with the Goel family.
Kameda did not have even have access to the quasi-royal families. At his level, he could at most reach out to a few common prominent families, and that was just about it.

Yet, Levi did what he couldn’t.
How is it possible?

“Very well. Let’s see if you can get Mr. Goel to come and back you up!”
Kameda puffed at a cigarette and could not wait for these clowns to make a fool of themselves.
Over at the other end of the phone, Xabian broke out in a cold sweat after hearing Levi’s voice, “Are you in… South Hampton?”
“Haven’t I made myself clear?” Levi smirked.

“The Raysonian you mentioned earlier is…?” Xabian asked.

“Kameda Ichiro from Vision Group. He owed my company 3.5 billion and refused to clear the payment. He even bashed my men up! This fellow also claimed to be the most influential person in South Hampton. Are you going to allow this foreigner to dominate this area? You’re from the royal family here, for goodness sake!” Levi reprimanded aloofly.

“I… I’ll come over right now! Who gave Kameda the permission to call the shots in South Hampton!” A vortex of anger swirled inside Xabian.
“I’ll give you 20 minutes. Come to Vision Group right now!” Levi ended the call.

“Did you just instruct Mr. Goel to come here? What a joke!” To Kameda, Levi was cooking up some bullshit to buy time.
The businessman might believe Levi if he said he knew Mr. Goel.

But looking at the way this young man spoke so arrogantly over the phone, who would buy his story now?
No way!

“I’ve never seen someone as idiotic as him!”
Kameda’s men had enough of his crap and were ready to strike.

Kameda stopped them right away, and he smiled at Levi, “Fine. Let’s not talk about Mr. Goel. If you’re capable of getting just one of the common prominent families to come to Vision Group, I’ll bow to you and settled all your payments!”


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