The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 814

Chapter 814

“Did he say 20 minutes? Fine! I’ll give him 20 minutes!” Kameda let out a mirthless laugh.
If no one appears after 20 minutes, I’ll incapacitate him!

Five minutes later, they began to hear footsteps along the corridor.
Kameda received a call from the front desk receptionist, who warned him that a group of men were heading toward his office.

In a split of a second, a group of well-suited man swarmed in after kicking down his office door.
Kameda immediately stood up from his chair after seeing this group of men.

This was because he knew every single one of them.
They were the heads of prominent families from all over South Hampton.

More and more people started flocking into his office, and Kameda started panicking.
Soon, almost 40 heads of the prominent families gathered in his tiny office.

In other words, all the patriarchs from the common prominent families in South Hampton had gathered here.
“Hello, Mr. Davies!”

“Good to see you, Mr. Kernet!”
“Hey, Mr. Hocker!”

Kameda instantly crouched over and greeted every single one of them.
“You’re doomed!”

All the heads snorted dismissively.
Kameda was so confused and did not know what was going on, but he still mustered up the courage to greet them one by one.
Anyone of them right there could easily crush him like a bug!

For them to be recognized as a common prominent family, their net worth must at least hit fifty billion.
And all these people had met this minimum requirement!

Just when he thought no one else would show up in his office, more people started coming in.
And this time, there were 20 of them.
Kameda’s heart nearly leapt into his throat when he saw them walking into his office.
They were the patriarchs from the 20 quasi-royal family!

The other family heads, who arrived earlier, made way for them to come through.
Quasi-royal families were a stratum above them!

“What brought you all here?” Kameda was about to drop to his knees.
The common prominent families could already destroy him easily, not to mention these quasi-royal families.
Even if they had spat on the floor, Kameda had to cup his hands to collect the fluid.

In South Hampton, this was a classic example of survival of the fittest as the social structure here was highly hierarchical!
Kameda did not know them very well. Even when he greeted them respectfully, all these influential men just ignored him.
He was not qualified to talk to them. He was not qualified to talk to them.
Hold on!

What’s going on?
What are all these influential figures doing in my office?
The large group of people had clouded Kameda’s mind.
As soon as he regained his composure, he suddenly thought of the most terrifying question ever – why are they here?
Instinctively, he turned around and looked at Levi.

Could it be because of him? All because of the phone call he made earlier?
Didn’t he give them 20 minutes? All these people literally turned up in the blink of an eye.
At this point, Kameda was already sweating bullets and trembling in fear.

All of a sudden, a voice emerged from the corridor, “Mr. Goel has arrived!”


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