The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 815

Chapter 815

At the sound of this voice, the Masters of these common prominent families in South Hampton stood upright with solemn faces.
This was Xabian Goel’s prestige in South Hampton.

When he gave an order, all the noble families must follow.
Kameda Ichiro’s heart leapt to his throat.

With just one phone call, he had invited South Hampton’s top man, Mr. Goel to make an appearance.
What type of person was he?
Kameda Ichiro’s legs trembled and he couldn’t stand still.

The samurais behind him were even more frightened.
This was no ordinary person!
If they remembered correctly, when the dagger was pressed against his neck, his reaction had already shown how extraordinary he was.
I’ve been rash!

I’ve really been too rash!
In the next instant, Xabian Goel brought the patriarchs of the other eight royal families.
All royal families in South Hampton were present with the exception of the Jones family.

When the rest saw Xabian, they bowed low and greeted him respectfully, “Greetings Mr. Goel!”
However, the elderly took no notice of them. He brought all the royal families and the quasi-royal clans to meet Levi. In unison, they greeted, “Greetings, Mr. Garrison!”
It was like a thunderclap in the atmosphere!

In that instant, the atmosphere was filled with shock.
The dozens of heads of the nobles could not believe their eyes.
The samurais, too were shocked.

Kameda Ichiro was astounded.
What’s happening?
The patriarchs of the royal families were greeting a young man with respect.
Who could this person be? There was a sense of mystery in the air.
The key person was Elder Goel!

He is the most important person, isn’t he?
Yet, he is bowing to the waist to greet this person.
This is the most frightening aspect of the situation.
Xabian Goel turned around, pointed at all other common prominent families and said, “Mr. Garrison, you haven’t met these nobles yet. Let me introduce you to them!”
Levi nodded his head slightly.

“Listen well! This Mr. Garrison standing in front of your eyes is the Master of the nine royal families and the twenty quasi-royal families! From now on, you giants will also take orders from Mr. Garrison! His identity is beyond your imagination!” Xabian announced to those present.
Although the heads of the common prominent families were surprised, they shouted together in obedience, “Hail, Mr. Garrison! We will serve you as our Master in the future!”
They did not need an explanation.

All they had to do was to follow Xabian’s instructions.
If Elder Goel served Mr. Garrison as his Master, who were they to question him?
They only had to trust and obey as there was no other way.

“Mr. Garrison, from now on, the top 100 South Hampton giants will follow your orders, except for the Jones family of course!” Xabian Goel declared.
The Jones family was from this moment isolated in South Hampton.

“Well, that’s okay.”
Levi laughed.

“Oh, I stray from the matter at hand.”
Xabian suddenly called out, “Who is Kameda Ichiro?”


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