The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 816


When Kameda Ichiro heard his name being called, he was overcome by fear and collapsed onto the ground.
Following that was the sound of liquid spilling and a strong stench.
Kameda’s trousers became wet.
He was so scared that he urinated…
The samurai with him were also wetting their pants.
What Bushido was this?

In the face of real power, they were reduced to wetting their trousers.
A long time ago, Levi met some samurais from the country of Raysonia.
At that time, Levi’s proud words had made the Raysonia warriors fearful to this day – “What is Bushido?” What I do is Bushido!
“I heard that you haven’t paid the balance due?”

Xabian asked as he hit the ground with his new walking stick which was carved into the shape of a dragon head.
“I… I… I… I… I’ll pay now!”
Kameda was beside himself with fear.

On the spot, he asked his assistants and finance guys to hand over a check worth 3.5 billion to Levi.
“I also heard you beat someone up so badly that hospitalization was necessary. Is that true?” Xabian continued asking.
“I will pay for the medical bills and apologize!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Kameda hit his head on the ground to show remorse.
He then paid another 10 million for medical expenses.

“Goel, since I got what I want, I’m returning to South City now.” Levi finally said.
“Phew!” Kameda heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, it was over and despite much fear, there was no harm done.
Unfortunately, Levi’s order was heard loud and clear in the next instant, “I don’t want to see him in Erudia anymore.”

It was just a few words, but for Kameda it was a heavy sentence.
He was being deported from Erudia!

“Mr. Garrison, we understand! We, the people of Erudia have always been a great example, welcoming friends from all over the world to come and prosper together with us. But today, I will be the first to drive this kind of trash out of our country!”
“I will also make a statement. I myself will investigate all the immigrants in South Hampton. Whoever commits any kind of violation that hurts our countrymen will be deported at once!” Xabian declared his stance to Levi.

The other patriarchs followed suit.
Those who just wanted to make a fortune and abuse the citizens for a profit be warned.
“Hmm…, that’s great, Goel. You’re good!”
Levi praised the elderly.
This word of affirmation made Xabian feel valued.
In fact, he was quite overjoyed.

“Stay, I’ll leave on my own!”
After Levi left, the patriarchs of the common prominent families started discussing, “Elder Goel, who is this Mr. Garrison?”
“The Highest Military Merit Of Our Nation.”
This was all that Xabian would reveal but the crowd was thunderstruck.
It was a simple phrase but it was too shocking.

That was the ultimate pursuit of every warriors!
It represented the top military commander at the moment.
This was none other than The God of War! It was a shocking moment!

Kameda finally reacted and blood spewed out of his mouth.
Levi who was about to get into his car, suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure – Wales.


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