The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 818

Chapter 818

When Levi handed the check to Iris, the two ladies were indifferent and their faces showed no reaction.
Levi was puzzled.

He had brought in the final payment of 3.5 billion.
That solved Iris’ huge problem.
How could she not show some reaction?
This is not normal!

Zoey might not know what was happening and so her indifference was acceptable.
What’s with Iris?
“I’ve brought back the balance.”
Levi reminded her again.

“Oh, I see.”
Iris’ face was still expressionless.
Levi was puzzled as he said, “Something doesn’t seem right with you.”
“Oh, alright. Should I praise you? You’re awesome! You can settle what we can’t do so easily! From now on, we shall let you collect all debts.”
Iris praised him vehemently.

However, Levi still even more weird.
“It’s okay. That was nothing!” Levi said nonchalantly. In any case, he did not take it to heart.
He had no way of knowing that Iris had received a call from the Joneses, nor that she and Zoey thought he was flaunting his connection with the Jones family.
Iris would be more pleased to see Levi solving this problem on his own without depending on the Joneses.
Like Zoey, she hoped that Levi would make it on his own.
Hence, she was displeased.

And so, even though the check had been procured, she showed no expression on her face.
“Iris, Levi really hates the Jones family. But because of me, he has asked for their help multiple times. I’m really touched.” Zoey said.
Iris bit her lips, saying, “Nevertheless, I’m worried that he will deteriorate!”
“Do you mean that the convenience brought by being a grandson of the Jones family will make him less and less progressive? And that it may lead to terrible results in the end?”
Zoey reacted to Iris’ words.

“Exactly. This status will destroy him.”
Iris’ gaze was full of worry.

“Furthermore, the one billion the Black family asked him to earn will definitely be derived from the Jones family!”
“Forget about it. It’s going to be the Morris Group biannual celebration soon. I have to prepare for the event.”
Levi did not know about all that was going on between Iris and Zoey.

He returned to his place and started playing with his ancient bronze sword.
At this moment, a call came from the Jones family.
“Yo, Levi! How smart you are!”

Wales voice was heard speaking in a weird manner.
“If you have something to say, just spit it out!”
Levi replied impatiently.

“You should know what you have done, shouldn’t you?”
Wales sneered.
“What have I done?”
Levi was puzzled.

“You know best why you came to South Hampton. It’s about the debt from Vision Group, isn’t it?”
“Why are you stooping so low? You used our family name to get the money, didn’t you? Yet there you were saying that you do not admit to being related to the Jones family.”


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