The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 819-820

Chapter 819
Levi did not bother to explain himself to Wales.
He simple hung up the phone.

But that made him understand why Zoey and Iris acted so cold toward him.
It was obvious that the Jones family told them the same thing.
That was the reason for the two girls’ strange reaction!
So be it!

Levi felt it was unnecessary to explain for himself.
As the God of War, it was below his dignity to bother about a nest of ants.
However if the Jones family kept on provoking him, he would have to take action against them.
If they were to cross the line, he would let them know what cruelty he was capable of.
At this moment, Kirin called and asked, “Sir, it will be the biannual celebration of Morris Group soon. All the top ex
ecutives would like to meet you, especially Iris.”

Levi laughed, “Now that the Morris Group is stabilizing, it is high time for me to reveal myself!”
Levi seemed to spend most of his time drinking tea and sleeping, but his decisions and directions were what shaped t
he growth of Morris Group.

It could be said that his hands was what pushed Morris Group forwards.
“Fine, I shall inform the management and staff.” Kirin smiled and said.
Soon, everyone in Morris Group began to cheer.

Except for those pioneers, the others had never seen the boss at all.
Hence, everyone was very excited to hear that the mysterious boss would make an appearance.
After all, the boss had given them a lot of expectations.

“Oh yeah!” Iris was the most eager one to meet the boss.
The moment she received Neil’s notification, she cheered and danced.
She could finally meet the legendary boss. The man was literally her idol!
Since the day she came back from abroad, no man could win her heart.
Levi was the man she had most contact with.

Not that she was not disinterested in romance, but she wanted a man she found desirable.
The mysterious boss had left a deep impression within her heart.

Iris vowed. If the boss were single, she would do everything in her power to pursue him, regardless of how he looke
What she valued was his talent.

The progress of Morris Group up to now was due to this boss’ hard work behind the scenes.
She was just the implementer.

Iris danced and skipped right up to Zoey’s office, “Zoey, I have good news for you. The boss of Morris Group will
make an appearance at our biannual celebration!”
“You will come, won’t you?” Iris invited her.

“That would not be appropriate, would it? We are just business partner.”
Actually, Zoey was also curious about what the boss of Morris Group would look like.
“What’s so inappropriate? Don’t forget that I’m the vice president.”

Chapter 820
“Furthermore, don’t you want to see this mysterious boss of Morris Group?”
“Besides, Levi will be attending for sure! I heard that he and my boss are friends. This celebration wouldn’t do with
out him.”
Zoey nodded her head, “In that case, okay, I shall attend.”
Following that, the whole company was busy preparing for the biannual celebration.
Finally, they decided that the celebration would be held on an island. The staff would also be holidaying as well.
When Iris bumped into Levi, she laughed, saying, “Levi, you are attending our biannual celebration, right?”
Levi smiled, “Of course. Without my presence, this celebration would be totally meaningless!”
Levi was the most important guest.

Everyone wanted to meet him.
So, it could be said that this biannual celebration was held in his honor.
If he did not attend, the celebration would be in vain!

“Boast all you can! The celebration will go on with or without you.” Iris replied, glaring at him.
She thought the man was just talking nonsense.
“As for me, I want to see how my dream lover looks like. Just imagine that! Oh! I’m so excited!”
Levi frowned as he asked, “What? Your dream lover?”
When did I become the man of her dreams?
“Absolutely! The mysterious boss has always been my dream lover! The day we meet, I shall look my best, even mo
re attractive than Zoey!”

Iris cried excitedly, like a teenager in love.
Levi was speechless!
The man glared at her and replied, “At your best? As if he hasn’t seen you before.”
Puzzled, Iris replied, “What did you say? The boss has seen me before?”
“Absolutely. There isn’t one staff member that he hasn’t met, including Zemo the cleaner and Lewis the chef.” Levi

Iris’ countenance changed.
Finally, she realized what the matter was about.
They did not know who the boss was, but that did not mean that he had not met them.
“Oh, that’s not the same. This is our first official meeting! I must look beautiful! Possibly, it’s the start of a romance.

Iris was fantasizing about the first meeting and her expression was full of sweet dreams.
Levi was repulsed.
Iris is secretly in love with me?
She’s my wife’s good friend!
“You look fine just the way you are. There’s no need to make up or dress up.” Levi told her.
“Don’t worry. I’m not doing it for you!”
Iris gave Levi a prideful glare. Then she turned around and left.

The remaining days were spent getting ready for the biannual celebration.
The news spread quickly to South City, North Hampton and then the whole of Quebec.

Although the Morris Group was low-key, everyone knew that after the reshuffling of the major players in North Ha
mpton and South City, the biggest beneficiary was the mysterious boss behind the company.

Everyone was curious about him!
All of them wanted to know who he was.


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