The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 821-822

Chapter 821
Within half a year, he had taken Morris Group to the next level.
The Black family called Zoey over when they heard about the news.

“Grandpa, grandma, what’s the matter?” Asked Zoey.
“Zoey, I heard that Morris Group is going to hold its biannual celebration? Are you
going to participate?” Asked Meredith anticipatingly.

“Yes. Why are you asking this?”
“That’s great!” Meredith ignored her question and continued asking, “Is it true
that the mysterious boss is finally going to show his face?”

“It’s true!”
With a glint of excitement in her eyes, Meredith exclaimed, “That’s great news! I
heard he is one of the most edible bachelors! Rumors have it that he has a strong
background, which is why he got the last laugh when his company survived the
financial market upheavals in North Hampton and South City.”

Robert concurred with his wife, “Indeed! He is a competent man since he managed to
get a foothold in the market.”

Meredith coaxed, “Zoey, you should seize this opportunity to get in touch with him!
This time we won’t interfere, and you can do as you please.”

“Grandma! What are you talking about?” Zoey was displeased as she regarded Meredith
with incredulity, “I already have Levi! How could you ask me to set my cap at
another man?”

“Uh-uh!” Meredith feigned an angry look on her face. “You’re still single! What’s
wrong with interacting with other men? It’s not against the law, is it?”
Zoey gave a resigned smile. “Grandma, do you really think that the boss of Morris
Group would take a fancy on me?”

“It might be impossible for other people to take his fancy, but you’re different!
He is always there to help you when you face any difficulty. Don’t you wonder why
he treats you differently?”

Zoey’s heart skipped a beat at Meredith’s words as they reminded her of her
No one in the world was obliged to lend a helping hand to another person. Except
for our family and friends who might step forward out of love, those who offered to
help ‘gratuitously’ definitely had ulterior motives.

It had been weighing on her mind, Why would the boss of Morris Group help me? Is it
like what grandma said…
Does he have feelings for me?

Although none of them had seen the mysterious boss, Zoey knew the boss had his eyes
on them.
Meredith persuaded her smilingly, “Zoey, don’t let this opportunity slide! Maybe
you would fall for him once you meet him!”

“Alright.” Zoey answered compliantly, giving her grandma a put-off. I will never
fall in love with any man other than Levi. When I meet him, I will ask him why did
he help me so that I could return his favor.

The Black family, on the other hand, held a different thought from Zoey. They
believed that if Zoey could win the boss’ fancy, it would be in everyone’s

Soon, it was Morris Group’s biannual celebration.
One day before the celebration, the employees of Morris Group, including Zoey and
Levi, were sent to the island.

Chapter 822
Iris carried her four pieces of luggage, full of her clothing for the trip. She
planned to try them on and choose the one that looked best for the celebration.
Levi was rendered speechless by her act. Iris is making a big thing of it. Will she
be angry once she knows that I am the mysterious boss?

“Levi, I wonder why the boss of Morris Group helped me in the previous times…
What are your thoughts on this?” Zoey asked curiously.
“I guess he has fallen head over heels for you because you’re such a gorgeous
lady.” Levi replied earnestly.
Zoey gave him a playful punch and mumbled to herself, “There ain’t no such thing as
a free lunch; I believe there must be a reason behind his action.”

“Well… Maybe he looks up to you because of your talent. You have made some
achievements and contributed to the company, haven’t you?” Levi caressed her hair,
trying to put her mind at ease. “That’s it! Relax!”

Iris chimed in as their conversation caught her attention. “I also think that the
boss is acting weird! Zoey is not an employee of Morris Group, but why is he
treating her so nicely?”

Then, she eyed Levi warily and asked suspiciously, “Don’t tell me that you’re the
mysterious boss!”
Levi openly admitted, “Yeah, it’s me. That’s why you don’t need to dress up.”
“Hahaha!” Iris was amused.
Zoey gave a wry smile. How nice it would be if Levi is the boss of Morris Group…
That carries a lot more weight than the identity as the grandson of the Jones

But sadly, it was irrefutable evidence that he had exploited the Jones family when
he collected the debt from Vision Group.
After a few hours’ drive, they finally arrived at the resort located a few hundred
kilometers away from South City. This place was a well-known tourism spot famous
for its beautiful scenery.

The hospitable workers welcomed them upon their arrival.
Before the room allocation, the workers repeatedly reminded them to not wander off
the island as the residents here were all hard-hitting two-fisted people.
If there happened to be a conflict between them and the villagers, they would find
themselves in serious trouble since the latter could easily call out hundreds of

Meanwhile, at the Jones Residence, Tyler was reassuring his grandpa, “Grandpa,
don’t worry! I have it all planned out! This time, I managed to get help from the
local tyrant. Levi Garrison will be dead on the remote island, and no one will ever
find out about it.”

Michael was pleased. “Perfect!”
It turned out that the Joneses knew that Levi was going to attend Morris Group’s
biannual celebration, so they planned an assassination to get rid of him.
In the resort, everyone was engaged in the preparation work for the celebration,
except for the lazy bum — Levi, who was wandering around aimlessly.
Iris was scornful of his behavior. “Hmph! He acts as if he is the boss!”
Kirin arrived soon after.

Iris and the others welcomed him with open arms and allocated the best room to him.
After dinner, Levi left his room and headed toward Kirin’s room.
Right at that juncture, Iris and Zoey who were taking a stroll caught glimpse of
his figure in the corridor.

Zoey asked curiously, “Where is he going? That isn’t the way to his room, is it?”
“Let’s follow him, and we’ll find out!” Iris grabbed Zoey by the wrist as they
followed Levi down the corridor.


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