The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 823-824

Chapter 823

The two followed Levi all the way to the presidential suite.
Iris was surprised when she saw him standing in front of the presidential suite.
“This is Neil Atkinson’s room! Is he looking for Mr. Atkinson?”

Zoey too was curious. “Do they know each other?”
Iris shook her head. “No, they don’t. Mr. Atkinson has come to the company several
times, but I have never seen them talking to each other.”

“Then why is he looking for Mr. Atkinson?” Asked Zoey.
“I’ll tell you why… But could you promise that you won’t be angry with me?”
“Sure. Go Ahead.”

Iris planned her speech before saying, “I think Levi is here to ingratiate himself
with Mr. Atkinson.”
“Is that so?” Zoey was slightly dejected. “I know Levi pretty well… He is not a

Iris shook her head at Zoey’s naivety. “Zoey, Levi is not the guy you used to know
anymore. He has been using his identity as the Jones’ grandchild to achieve his
successes, so it is no surprise that he would fawn over Neil.”

At this moment, the room door was opened. Kirin noticed that Iris and Zoey were
hiding in the dark, spying on them, so he covertly gestured to Levi to leave before
slamming the door shut.

The ladies saw Levi shook his head helplessly as he left; they thought Neil had
given Levi the cold shoulder.
“Look, he is slighted by Neil!” Iris flashed a smug smile, thinking she had
successfully gauged Levi’s mind and his conduct.

Zoey sighed in resignation as the truth was plain as day, so she could do nothing
but to accept it.

Levi was once a man with unyielding character; he had always abhorred snobs who
were easily swayed.
He would never try to pull strings, bootlick, or use underhand tactics to achieve
his goals. However, it seemed like Levi had changed. He was no longer his old self.

Levi has yield to reality.
Zoey sighed at the thought of it. It seems like time and life experiences could
really cut a person down to size and dampen his pride.
In the past, Levi used to be a man full of pride and confidence. But now, his
arrogance is long gone with the wind. He is no different from any other ordinary
man being weighed down by the burden and hardship of life.
But fortunately, we love each other to the moon and back.
They met Levi on the ground floor. “Where have you been just now?” Asked Iris.
Levi gave her a put-off, “Just walking around… Why are you asking?”
It ascertained their suspicions that Levi was sucking up to Neil when he evaded her
“Nothing.” Iris decided not to pursue the matter further.

Just then, one of the employees of Morris Group came running and yelling as soon as
he saw Iris, “Ms. Anabelle, something terrible has happened! We’re in big trouble!”

Chapter 824

Iris frowned slightly as she uttered, “What’s wrong? Slow down and tell me what
The employee gabbled in panic, “Just now, a few of us were strolling around. All of
a sudden, a group of people appeared and asked for money. We got into an
altercation, and they started beating us up. Now, they have held some of our
employees captive for ransom.”

All of them recalled the resort workers’ reminder — the locals were all two-fisted
folks who liked to look for trouble.

However, none of them paid heed to the advice as they would never have expected
something like this to happen on the island.
“Oh no! It must be Oliver Ross!” With a worried expression, one of the resort
workers gibbered, “The bustle of the preparation work for the upcoming celebration
must have caught his attention.”

“Who is this Oliver Ross?” Asked Levi.
The worker explained, “He’s the local tyrant of the underworld; the lake and dozens
of the surrounding islands were all his territories. We pay him huge sums of money
every year so that he won’t disturb the tourists on the island.”

Then, he scratched his head in confusion. “Usually, the tourists will be safe as
long as they don’t wander off the island. But what’s wrong with him today? Why did
they come onto the island and harm the tourists?”
“Let’s go and check it out!”
Soon, everyone arrived at the scene to see six Morris Group employees being tied to
the trees. They were flanked by dozen of men.
The leader of the group was a 6’2 feet tall, pot-bellied, menacing-looking man. His
intimidating aura suggested that he was none other than Oliver Ross, the local

These men instantly fixed their gaze on Iris, Zoey and other female employees,
drooling over them.
They could hardly control themselves as none of them had seen so many beautiful
women in their lives.
It turned out that they were the ones engaged by the Joneses to get rid of Levi.
“Oliver, what is going on here?” Asked the resort manager, who was shaking like a
Oliver bellowed, “Just now, we caught them peeing into the lake.”
The employees denied his accusation, “That’s a bloody lie! Why would we pee into
the lake? You guys appeared out of nowhere and suddenly asked for protection money.
You even beat us up when we refused to pay it.”

“You didn’t?” Oliver sneered, “You guys did it before my very eyes. The lake is my
territory, and I have the right to hold all of you captive for what you have done.”
“Sir, the employees of Morris Group are all civilized university graduates. They
will not behave like a brute, peeing in the public.” Retorted Iris.
Oliver and his gang flew into a rage upon hearing her words. “What do you mean? Are
you trying to say that you guys are noble and we’re brutes?”
“How dare you look down upon us!”

“Huh, I have never seen civilized and cultured people who would pee into a lake!”
The employees countered, “We didn’t! This is a false accusation! We would never do
something like that!”


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