The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 825-826

Chapter 825

“Hah!” The tyrant snorted, “There is no use in denying because we have witnesses!”
“Witnesses? Where are they?” Asked Iris. She knew that Oliver was up to no good.
“Bring them!” Oliver ordered.

The reeds surrounding the lake rustled. The next moment, hundreds of burly men
appeared. All of them had murderous expressions on their faces, and they were
holding cold weapons.

Iris and the others panicked when the men besieged them.
As white-collar workers, they had never experienced any sorts of violent
confrontations since they were under the protection of Seth when they were in North
Hampton and South City.

They couldn’t help feeling scared in the face of a clash with the locals on a
remote island.
Iris was panic-stricken. Unlike in North Hampton or South City, she couldn’t get
help from anyone on this island.

She was in deep regret of her decision. I shouldn’t hold our biannual celebration
at this place… No one would find out even if we are dead here today…
“We saw them peeing into the lake!”

The staffs of Morris Group were intimidated when hundreds of men roared in unison.
Oliver gave a devilish grin and said, “I have almost three hundred witnesses here.
Are you still not going to admit your misconduct?”

At this moment, they realized that they were set up. However, they could do nothing
but admit the false allegations.

“Do you still dare to say that you didn’t pee into the lake?” Oliver wielded his
sword and held one of his captives on sword point.

The staffs were drenched in sweat, and his face was drained of all colors. “I… I
did pee in the lake…” He reluctantly admitted.

Oliver pointed his sword at another employee. “What about you?”
“I… I peed as well…”

All six of them admitted when Oliver put screws on them.
“Firstly, they have admitted their misconduct. Secondly, I have three hundred
witnesses here.” Oliver stared at Iris and the others as he continued, “So now,
what have you got to say?”

“Fine. I give up.” Iris sneered, “Just tell me what you want so that you’ll release
my employees.”
Oliver started to reason with her, “Since you’re on our island, you should follow
our rules. Your staffs should be heavily punished for their shameful behavior.”
His subordinates concurred with him, “That’s right! They deserve heavy punishment!”
The employees were almost scared to death.

Oliver proposed, “Ten billion! We can settle this if you agree to…”
“Impossible!” Iris cut in before he could even finish his sentence.

“Young lady, I’m not done yet!” He added, “Besides the ten billion compensation, I
want you and your other female colleagues to sleep with me for one night.”

Chapter 826

With a lecherous smile on his face, he uttered, “We can only settle this matter if
you agree to my conditions.”
“Hahaha…” His subordinates burst into gales of laughter and exchanged nasty grins
with each other.

They had long lusted for Iris, Zoey and other women.
Their boss could have the two stunners while they spent the night with the rest of

“Shameless!” Iris was fuming in rage as she never expected them to be so shameless.
Not only did they ask for a sky-high price, but they also even want us to sleep
with them!
No one noticed the grim expression on Levi’s face.
Apparently, they had gotten under his skin. Those who covet Zoey shall die! I will
never let anyone lay a finger on her!
Oliver leered at Iris and asked, “What do you think?” His face grew serious as he
threatened, “If you don’t agree to my conditions, my men won’t let you leave the

As the local tyrant, Oliver could do anything he wanted in his territory as no one
dared to stand up against him.

Iris and the others were at his mercy since they were unable to leave the island.
He gave an ultimatum, “You have three seconds to answer me!”
“I…” Iris was at a loss for words.
At that moment, a voice rang out from behind. “As expected of a local tyrant… It
looks like you have come up with your own law, huh?”
Everyone turned their heads to look at Levi.

Oliver shifted his gaze at Levi and noticed that, unlike the others who were
shuddering in fear, Levi had a good grip of his composure and a smile on his face.
Isn’t he afraid?
“Levi Garrison, aren’t you afraid of me?” Asked Oliver.
Levi let out a chuckle.

He wasn’t ruffled when someone threatened to cut his throat with a Raysonia katana
a few days ago.
He didn’t bat an eyelid when ten thousand soldiers besieged him on the battlefield.
Wouldn’t it be funny if he were to be afraid of a petty local tyrant?
Without bothering to answer Oliver, Levi lit a cigarette and took a deep puff on
Everyone was stunned when they saw him blowing cigarette smoke in Oliver’s face.
Where in the world did he find the courage to do that?
How dare he tries to provoke the local tyrant when his safety is in jeopardy?
He must have had a death wish!
“You…” Oliver was also dumbfounded.
As fury surged through him, he snatched the cigarette from Levi’s lips and hurled
it to the floor, stubbing it out with his foot.
“I’m going to beat the crap out of you!” Levi roared.
“How dare you snatch my cigarette?” Asked Levi, looking at Oliver in somewhat

Oliver was puzzled by Levi’s reaction. “So what? What are you going to do with me?”
“That’s simple. You have your rules, and so do I. You should compensate me for
snatching my cigarette. Well… I guess 20 billion will do! Don’t worry, I’m not
interested in spending the night with you and your men.


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