The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260
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“But…’ Renee didn’t know what to say to that.

Quinton didn’t want to make things difficult for Renee, so he snatched the consent form from

her and signed it swiftly. “I’ll bear the risk. Hurry up and do the surgery, I’ve got things to do

after this.”

“Okay, please come to the surgery room with us.” The doctor nodded and led Quinton to the

surgery room, while Renee, Leia, and Haze waited in the corridor.

“Lei, did we make the right decision? Why do I feel so worried?” Renee paced back and

forth in the corridor, nibbling her lip anxiously.

“Stop overthinking; trust the doctor’s skills and Quinton’s luck. Even if you don’t, you should

trust Xavier’s character. He recommended the doctor to us, so I’m sure everything will be

fine,” Leia said comfortingly as she rested her hand on Renee’s shoulder. Although Xavier
was a scumbag in love affairs, he was a loyal friend. Leia trusted that nothing would go
wrong given that he was the one who recommended the plastic surgeon.
Half an hour passed by, and Renee gradually relaxed. “Maybe I worried too much. Haze is
right-it’s just a small surgery. It’ll be okay.”

Another hour passed by, and the surgery was coming to its end.

“I can’t wait to see if he’s as handsome as he was before,” Renee said eagerly. “He should

have had this surgery ages ago… Maybe he would’ve gone back to his old self, and he

wouldn’t have had to suffer for so many years.”

“The surgery is easy, but it’s hard to get a good doctor. If everything goes well, I’ll curse

Xavier less,” Leia scoffed, narrowing her eyes. They’d started ignoring each other after they

parted on bad terms yesterday, but she couldn’t stop herself from constantly glancing at her

phone. Unfortunately, there were no calls or texts from him. ‘Ugh, that wretched man! Mark

my words, Xavier, I’ll never stop cursing you!’

Renee turned to Leia, sensing that her friend was upset about something.” What’s the

matter? You both were being so lovey-dovey yesterday, so why do you want to curse him


“I broke up with him,” Leia declared angrily.

“Again?! You guys have broken up at least four times this month. This isn’t a joke, is it?”

Renee asked doubtfully.

“I’m not lying, we really did break up with each other!” Leia shook her head.” I finally

realized that I’ll always be less important to him than his first love. He cares so much more

about his first love… In short, he’s unworthy.”

Renee was about to ask Leia about it when a nurse suddenly rushed out of the operating

room, her hands covered in blood. Renee’s face went pale, and her eyes grew wide in

horror. “No… Something’s wrong!”


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