The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261

“What’s wrong?” Renee immediately rushed over.
“Mr. Everheart couldn’t take the anesthetic and suddenly fell into a coma. It’s an emergency,
and we’re trying our best to save him… Miss, please sign this medical crisis notice,” the

nurse explained, her voice shaky.

Only one in ten thousand people could not take anesthesia. They had operated on so many

people, but this was the first time something like this had happened, so everyone was


Renee felt dizzy as she grabbed the nurse’s arm and demanded hoarsely,” He can’t take the

anesthetic? A medical crisis notice? Is this some kind of joke?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Everheart, we didn’t expect this to happen. Please… Please sign this and be
mentally prepared…”

“Why should I?” Renee sounded hysterical, and her whole body trembled. Clenching her

fists, she rushed towards the operating room. “You murderers… I’m going to kill you!”

Leia quickly dropped her. ‘Ren, calm down. There’s still hope, and I’m sure things will get

better. Don’t act recklessly…”

“Get better? How?” Renee’s eyes were watery as she said desperately, “It might turn into a

death notice if I wait any longer.”

“But…” Tears rolled down Leia’s cheeks. She didn’t know how to comfort Renee. She

wouldn’t have come up with such a stupid idea if she knew that there would be such a risk.
Haze frowned and strode forward to stop Renee, then said firmly, “I contacted the best

surgeon I know, and he’ll be here soon. He treated my grandpa and did his surgery, so your

brother will be in good hands.”

“I don’t trust any doctor but myself now… He was fine. Someone must have wanted to hurt

him, and that was why he fell into a coma. The surgery has to stop!” Renee had never heard

Quinton say that he couldn’t take anesthesia, so she felt that something had gone wrong

during the surgery. It could’ve been the medicine, the skills, the doctor, or the nurse.

Quinton was always so strong and healthy, and had survived worse injuries. It was

unbelievable that he was dying because of a mere face recovery surgery.

“I get how you feel, but we’re not doctors. We can’t act irrationally now. If you make a scene

and delay the treatment, can you bear the consequences?” Haze patiently tried to persuade

Renee. He had known her for such a long time, but it was the first time he had seen her so

scared and distressed. He yearned to hug her, but didn’t dare to.

They were more than friends, but not a couple… There was nothing he could do.

“I know, but you’ve got to trust me. There must be something wrong with the people in the

surgery room. I can’t let them go on, or else my brother’s life will be in danger. I can’t let that

happen!” Renee was barely keeping it together as she leaned on Haze for support. She

knew that Haze was being practical and all she had was just an assumption, but she didn’t

dare to take any more risks.

“Haze, I’m begging you. Make them stop the surgery…” Renee sobbed as she looked at

Haze pleadingly. For the first time, she was being vulnerable in front of him. ’Didn’t you get a

good surgeon? I trust you… I’ll only let the doctor you get save my brother!”

Haze felt his heart ache when Renee cried and begged him, so he forwent all his principles


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