The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263
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“Eight… to ten years?” Renee’s mind went blank. Her legs gave way, and she fainted.
“Phoenix!” Haze steadied her again, then carried her in his arms.
“Ren… Ren, are you okay?” Leia cried out, gripping Renee’s hand shakily. Overwhelmed
with guilt, she sobbed, “It’s all my fault! Quinton was fine, and if I didn’t suggest this, things
wouldn’t have turned out this way. If he doesn’t wake up again, I… I can only give up my life
“Okay, stop blaming yourself. All surgeries have risks, and this was completely unexpected.
You and Phoenix need to calm down.” Even as he comforted Leia, Haze looked down at
Renee in worry. ‘Don’t worry, Phoenix. I’ll never let anything happen to your brother.’
Haze used his connections to transfer Quinton to the best hospital in Beach City. He even
requested that Robert join the best medical team in that hospital to hasten Quinton’s
Renee woke up in a hospital bed, and she stared at the white ceiling above her. Had she
been dreaming?
“Ren, you’re awake. Thank God!” Leia had been by Renee’s side the whole time, and her
eyes were swollen from crying.” I thought something happened to you… You scared me!”
Renee gently held Leia’s hand and smiled weakly. “I just
needed a nap. I’m fine.”
Haze had just finished a discussion with the medical team, and was overjoyed to see that
Renee was awake when he walked into the ward. “You’re finally awake. I’ll get you a
medical team too if you need it.”
He strode over to the bed and adjusted the transparent tube of the IV drip. “The doctor said
you were overly worried and your blood sugar was low, so you fainted. You need to take
better care of yourself, or you might get anaemia.”
“I’m fine. I’m very healthy.” Renee pulled out the needle in her arm and shoved the blanket
aside to get out of bed. She had been learning martial arts with her grandfather since
young, so she was fit. She just had been through too much in the past two years, and after
giving birth to two children, her body was not as strong as before.
She had only fainted, but she was put on an IV drip. It was very humiliating to her.
“Where’s Quinton? How is he? He’s awake, right?” She had been worrying about Quinton
even while she was out, so the first thing she wanted to do after she woke up was ensure
her brother’s safety.
“Your brother is fine, he just needs a bit of time to wake up. The medical team is discussing
the best ways to treat him, and I believe they’ll come up with a solution soon,” Haze said
lightly. Quinton’s condition was actually much more serious than that, but he didn’t want to
make Renee worry.
“Really… Where is he? I want to see him.” Renee knew that she had to face reality.
“He’s still in the ICU, and family isn’t allowed to visit him for now but… You can stand outside
and watch. Maybe it’ll give you peace of mind.”


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