The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264
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“Fine.” Renee nodded.
“I’ll go with you after this infusion,” Haze said.
“It’s fine. I can go on my own.”
“No, you have to listen to me this time. If you don’t finish this infusion, I won’t tell you which
ward he’s in,” Haze insisted.
“Haze, you…” Renee was helpless, so she just lay in bed again and waited for the infusion
to be over.
Leia was relieved to see that Renee was fine. She gritted her teeth and seemed to have
made a decision. “Ren, you and Quinton should rest. Don’t worry too much. Quinton will be
fine… I’ve got something to deal with, so I’ll go now.”
Renee frowned, sensing that something was off. Leia was usually casual and optimistic, but
now it seemed like something was weighing on her mind. “Lei, is there something troubling
you? Don’t feel guilty because of what happened, I know you suggested the surgery with
only the best intentions. Don’t stress yourself out.”
“No, that’s not it.” Leia shook her head. “It’s a personal matter. Take care of yourself, and
wait for me to come back. ” She ran out of the ward before Renee could ask any more
Renee sighed in worry as she watched Leia leave. “I know
Lei, she must be blaming herself. I’m worried that she might do something stupid.”
“Why don’t you stop worrying about others, and start worrying about yourself?” Haze
touched her head lovingly. Most women were dependent, and could only rely on someone
more powerful to survive, but Renee was different. She was the one others relied on. She
was stubborn and strong, but he hoped that she would one day give him the chance to
protect her and take care of her.
After half an hour, the infusion was almost over. The second it ended, Renee rushed out of
the bed speedily.
“Wait for me!” Haze howled and ran after her.
The ICU wards were in a different block, and they had to walk for a while before reaching
the floor Quinton was on.
Haze was right-even family members were not allowed to visit the ICU patients. They could
only stand outside and look into the ward through the large glass panes.
“Quinton…” Renee saw Quinton lying motionless in bed, and felt her heart ache when she
noticed the many tubes attached to his body and the thick bandages around his face.
“Although Quinton is still in a coma, there’s good news. His face recovery surgery is
successful, and if he wakes up, he’ll be a whole new person,” Haze said enthusiastically.


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