The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267

Stefan could never say nice things.
When Renee heard his words, she felt annoyed. “Mr. Hunt, you’re from a noble
family, so why would you say such vulgar things? I’m not having an affair.”
Renee took a step towards him and sneered, full of ridicule.” Even if I did, it has
nothing to do with you. What right do you have to criticize me?”
“What right do I have?” Stefan said lightly, “I’m your cousin-in- law, if you think
about it. I saw my cousin-in-law hugging another man, so don’t I have the right
to criticize you?
Enter title…
“Cousin-in-law?” Renee’s lips twitched. How could he be so shameless and
“Is there a problem?” Stefan raised his brows and asked snidely. “Aren’t you
madly in love with my missing cousin? He onlyjust went missing, but you’re
already getting into a passionate relationship with another man. Shouldn’t you
give me an explanation?”
“How ridiculous! Stefan, shouldn’t you explain yourself given how you took
liberties with me, your so-called cousin-in-law? ” Renee felt that he was a
hypocritical person with double standards. Besides, she hadn’t done anything
wrong, and he had taken advantage of her countless times.
“What should I explain?” Stefan did not want to say much, so he grabbed her
hand and pulled her to him. “Come with me,
and I’ll explain it to you.”
After that, he pulled Renee away.
“What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?” Renee refused to go with him,
so she tried to break free from his grasp.
Stefan never submitted to others’ wishes, but he surprisingly agreed to hers,
and it caught her off guard. “You must explain yourself after I do. Fair and
square.” Stefan ignored her protests and insisted on pulling her away.
“Let go of her!” Haze had been watching everything unfold, and couldn’t stand
aside and do nothing now. If he did, he would lose his future wife. He blocked
Stefan’s path. “Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to go with you? It’s illegal to
disobey a woman’s wishes, and I can call the police to arrest you.”
Stefan stopped and stared at Haze coldly. “Go ahead. If you’re not going to do
it, get out of my way. This is Beach City where my family rules, and it’s no place
for your Baldwin family to behave recklessly.”
“Is that so, Mr. Hunt? Are you still under the illusion that your family is
prospering and thriving?”


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