The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268
Haze’s gaze was resentful and provoking. “Did you forget that the Hunt family
suffered a terrible loss these past two years, which your family only managed to
resolve by having an alliance marriage with the Murphy family? Now you’re
facing so many enemies, and yet you still claim that Beach City is ruled by the
Hunt family.”
‘Yes, the Hunt family has a lot of enemies, and it’s fine if your family is one of
them too. Come at me then, if you really think I’m so powerless.”
The two men glared at each other icily, and the atmosphere became tense and
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Stuck in the middle, Renee was forced to mediate the situation. “Okay, there’s
no need to argue like children. Take a step back and it’ll be a win-win situation.
Isn’t that nice? There are so many resources for you guys to share, so one will
be left out. You guys don’t have to fight against each other, both of you will
suffer losses this way.”
The Hunt and the Baldwin families had been sworn enemies for the past few
decades, but the Everheart family had mediated the situation between them so
they had not gotten into any conflict so far.
Renee did not wish to see them fight against each other when their families had
been at peace with each other for so many years. “The Hunt and Baldwin
families have different territories. Just develop your area well, and you’ll get your
own profit. There’s no need to fight, and maybe you can even cooperate to
create a win-win situation…” Renee earnestly tried to persuade them.
Haze looked at Renee and said firmly, “You’re wrong. My family is filthy rich, so
I’m not fighting him for the money.” He then looked at Stefan. “Mr. Hunt, I don’t
mind losing money if you’re willing to let me have what I want.”
Stefan narrowed his eyes and sneered menacingly, “Try and snatch it if you can,
but cut the crap if you can’t.”
Renee was worried that they might fight each other, so she hurriedly said,
“Haze, wait for me. I’ll speak to him for a while.”
Haze was fuming with anger and was about to fight Stefan, but this was the first
time Renee had considered his feelings and explained herself to him, so he was
no longer angry. Smirking, he said triumphantly, “Sure, go on then. I’ll wait for
you here until you come back.”
Renee sighed helplessly. ‘Haze always makes things so awkward.’
Stefan impatiently dragged Renee away, and they soon arrived at a spacious
and remote area.


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