The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275
“Umm…* Ezra averted his gaze nervously. ‘Damn it! Stefan ordered me not to
expose it before it was done. How could I have made such a silly mistake?’
“No, I’m… talking about the hospital. We have targets to hit. This hospital has a
record of ninety-nine percent recovery, so we can’t fail this for the sake of the
hospital’s reputation,” Ezra lied quickly.
Convinced, Renee left it. Her main priority was to ask for Owen’s help to save
“Ezra, do you know where Doctor Wagner is? I’ll go ask him personally if you
guys can’t persuade him.” Renee was used to doing things herself and didn’t
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want to owe others, so she preferred if she could go talk to Owen herself.
“I learned from Doctor Wagner’s friend that he often goes fishing at sea. In fact,
he should be out now. If it goes well and he’s in a good mood, we might be able
to persuade him. If not, it might be difficult,” Ezra said honestly. Owen wasn’t
attached to a hospital, so whether he took on a job or not depended solely on
his mood. He was neither greedy nor afraid of power, so it was very hard to deal
with him. Though he was a hospital dean, Ezra couldn’t even contact Owen, so
he wasn’t sure if Renee would have any luck convincing him.
“Fishing at sea? Only the south of Beach City is suitable for that. I’ll head there
to meet him now,” Renee said immediately.
“I’ll go with you,” Haze said firmly.
“No, stay and help me take care of Quinton. He’ll be in danger if we leave and
someone tries to attack him,” Renee insisted.
Haze looked reluctant. “You need to go out to sea to meet Owen, and that’s very
dangerous. It’s not safe if you go alone.”
“What’s there to worry about? The only thing out there that can harm me is
probably a shark,” Renee scoffed.
“You…” Haze couldn’t argue, so he held his forehead helplessly. How was he
supposed to protect her and take care of her if she insisted on doing everything
Winning her heart was no easy task.
Wasting no time, Renee quickly went to the dock for fishing in the south of the
city. People who needed to go out to sea had to book a speed boat or yacht, so
she went to the center of the dock and found the person-in-charge. “Excuse me.
Did a man called Owen Wagner book your yacht to go out to sea today?”
The person shook his head cautiously. “I’m sorry but we can’t reveal our clients’
“I can pay you.”
“No, that won’t do,” the man said, but eventually added, “But I can tell you that a
yacht went out to sea two hours ago. It’s a private yacht that parks here for us to
watch over and maintain. It’s 28 miles southeast now. That person is a rather
famous figure. If you’d like to go meet him, maybe you can rent a boat too.”
After that, he sized her up and smirked. “I’m used to seeing women in bikinis,
but maybe those rich snobs might find your look intriguing. You don’t have to
thank me, just come and rent my boats more often if you make it.”
“Well, thank you. May you be blessed with good health.” Renee knew that this
pervert probably thought she was a woman who tried to hook up with rich men,
but she didn’t care since he had given her a lot of useful information.
“Okay, get me a boat then. I want the cheapest one.”


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