The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276
Renee wanted to meet Owen as soon as possible, so she didn’t mind taking a
few risks. After all, Quinton’s condition could worsen the longer they delayed
“Only one?” The man was filled with disdain as he said coldly, “You have to pay
extra for the captain.”
“No, I can navigate it myself,” Renee said casually.
“You’re going to navigate it? You’re just a woman!” The man scoffed in disbelief.
Enter title…
“Yes, and I have the license for it. In fact, I’m probably better at it than your
“Fine then. This is the first time I’ve met a woman like you, lady. You’re
something special.” The man shook his head in wonder and gave Renee a
small old dinghy. When she turned it on, smoke billowed out of it.
Well… she had asked for the cheapest boat.
Renee started coughing because of the smoke, but she could not complain
because she was running out of time. It was fine as long as it could sail.
Vroom! She set off in the direction the man told her. The boat soared on the
large waves, making her look like a cool superspy on a mission.
28 miles was not far, but it was considered a long distance at sea. People could
reel in a good catch fishing here, but the cost was high, so not many would do
Renee saw a luxurious yacht from afar, and figured that Owen was on it. She
immediately steered her boat towards it and approached the deck of that yacht.
She then waved at the men and women on it. “Hello! What a coincidence, are
you guys here to fish too?”
That yacht was huge, and had two decks. It was new and grand, and was even
equipped with a small swimming pool. In comparison, Renee’s boat looked like
a toy.
A few charming ladies in bikinis lay beside the swimming pool, and they laughed
when they saw Renee.
“Where did this ugly woman come from? Why is she waving? Is this a show
arranged by the yacht company?”
“Ha! I’ve never seen a woman steer a boat before. Is she a man in disguise?”
The women were so loud that the bodyguards standing nearby reminded them,
“Keep your voices down. Don’t disturb the gentlemen.”
The women quickly fell silent as they looked at the front of the deck gloomily.
Two men were sitting there and fishing together. Even though there were
beautiful ladies there, the men were only focused on fishing.
The men were undeniably handsome and refined, so the women tried their best
to charm them. They were willing to take off their bikinis if that was what it took.
However, the only thing the men stared at was the sea.
“Do you know who they are?” One of the women asked the other.
“Yes, one of them is Owen Wagner, a top doctor. The other, well… his identity
might surprise you.” The woman looked at the man who sat with Owen and
smiled like a love-struck schoolgirl.
“Who is he? He looks familiar,” the other lady asked eagerly.


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