The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277
“Of course, you’ll find him familiar! Go online and search for Master Hunt, the
head of the Hunt family, the top family of The Great Eight of Beach City. See
what the president of Hunt Group looks like!”
“Oh gosh… are you telling me that the man sitting beside Dr. Wagner is the
famous Mr. Stefan Hunt?” The woman covered her mouth and widened her
eyes in disbelief. “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get this close to him! Wasn’t
he famous for being hard to deal with? He never got close to women, right?
Why is he such a playboy now? Wasn’t he the one who invited us to go out to
sea with them?”
Enter title…
“Don’t bother trying to understand how rich people think. Maybe he’s interested
in women now!”
“So, does that mean we have a chance with him?”
“I guess so, but all they’re interested in right now is the fish. They don’t care
about us at all. It’s hard to figure out what they’re thinking…”
“Whatever! They’re fishing, but we can still seduce them.”
After they made up their minds, the bikini-clad women stood up and boldly
approached the two men.
“Mr. Hunt, Dr. Wagner, did you get any fish? Why don’t you take a break for a
while?” One of the women carried a glass of rum and sat beside Stefan. She
even fed him a strawberry.
Renee happened to witness that scene from her boat, and scowled. ‘That
shameless scumbag! How could he join such a group?’ She didn’t want to stay,
but she had to for the sake of asking for Owen’s help.
She took out the photo Ezra gave her and confirmed that the man sitting beside
Stefan was Owen. He was extremely focused on fishing, so she had to get his
attention somehow. “Doctor Wagner, look! There’s a lot of tuna here. Come to
my boat to fish!”
Renee took out a marine lifesaving smoke gun and fired a shot at the sky to
attract their attention. Instantly, the two men turned to look at her.
“Renee?” Stefan frowned slightly. He did not expect to see her here, in the vast
ocean twenty miles away from shore.
Own finally averted his gaze from the capelin that almost took his bait and
turned to look at Stefan and Renee. After that, he gave a meaningful smile. “Mr.
Hunt, you certainly planned this well. You provided a grand feast, beautiful
women, and now… there’s even a performance?”
“No, that’s not it.” Stefan broke out into a cold sweat. “I don’t know why she’s
Owen said with a grin, “Even so, you seem to treat her differently… Let’s invite
her over. After all, the more, the merrier.”
Stefan was rendered speechless.The main purpose of this trip was to ask the
outstanding doctor to save Quinton, his former sworn enemy, but Renee had
shown up instead.’
Hmph, Quinton’s lucky I’m so generous. I hope Renee won’t be too moved when
she learns the truth later.’
Owen stood up and waved at Renee. “Come and join us! Mr. Hunt looks forward
to having you here.”
After that, he put down a ladder on the side of the boat.


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