The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278
“Heh! Sure.” Renee grinned but was cursing Stefan inwardly.’ Damn you, Stefan
Hunt! Here you are having the time of your life, and you even brought Dr.
Wagner along! I don’t know how many women have been here, and what kind of
things went on. If I had a choice, I’d never want to get on it!’
The women on the yacht targeted Renee the moment she went onboard.
“Hey, this young lady has such a unique fashion sense. She doesn’t show her
figure at all! Is she shy or just plain ugly?”
“Yeah, we’re here to make Mr. Hunt and Dr. Wagner happy. You bought this tiny
boat here to pursue them, but you’re pretending to be all noble and superior.
Enter title…
How pretentious!”
“Mr. Hunt, she’s sticking out like a sore thumb. Can you chase her away?”
However, before Stefan could speak, Renee snapped back,’ I’m ugly? Well, at
least I’m not made of plastic! If you want to make Dr. Wagner happy, you should
do a talk show instead! Also, don’t you think you’re being hypocritical? The only
pretentious people here are you guys, and you don’t even try to hide it… That’s
some thick skin you’ve got!”
The women were struck speechless, so they stomped their feet in anger and
turned to Stefan.
“Mr. Hunt, she’s ruined the nice atmosphere. Please drive her away, or we won’t
be able to have a good time.” The
woman who had fed Stefan a strawberry earlier held his arm coquettishly. She
thought he was interested in her since he did not refuse the strawberry she
offered him.
Stefan glared at her hand on his arm and sneered, “What kind of good time?”
His tone was so menacing that the frightened woman let go of his arm
immediately. “That’s up to you, Mr. Hunt. I’ll listen to whatever you say.”
“I think I’ll be happier if both of you shut up,” Stefan growled.
The women understood and retreated, their heads hung low.
Seeing that, Renee felt better. So, Stefan was not a scumbag after all.
Now Stefan, Renee, and Owen were the only ones left on the deck.
Owen noticed a strange atmosphere between Stefan and Renee, so he said
teasingly, “Stefan, I thought you too were uninterested in women. I saw you
ignore those voluptuous beauties, but now I get it… They’re just not your cup of
“You’re right. I’m uninterested in women regardless of whether they’re hot like
those women…” Stefan sized Renee up and shook his head. “Or unattractive
like her.”
Renee’s eyes widened in outrage. ‘How dare he… He’s lying through his teeth!
Never mind, I’ll let this go since he lost his memory.’ Besides, she had to
persuade Dr. Wagner now; she had no time to deal with Stefan.
“Er, Dr. Wagner…” Renee was about to speak, but Stefan beat her to it.
“Owen, you lost in fishing, so will you keep your promise?”


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