The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279
Owen glanced at Stefan, then nodded. “Fine, you have my word. You were
willing to fish with me, so if I don’t help, it would be rather ungrateful of me… So,
where’s the patient now? I’ll go and treat him.”
Stefan told him which hospital it was, as well as Quinton’s name.
“Alright. Let’s go back now, I think we can make it,” Owen glanced at his watch
and said lightly.
“Are… Are you guys going back to save my brother?” Renee listened to their
conversation in disbelief. Stefan had done so much to get Owen here, but he
actually had the same goal as Renee-asking Owen to cure Quinton.
Enter title…
But… why?
She had just argued with Stefan, and he and Quinton were enemies. Why would
Stefan fish with a doctor just to ask him to save his enemy? Renee knew that
Stefan was a petty man who fussed over everything and would take revenge on
anyone who offended him… When did he turn into a kind person?
“You’re overthinking.” Stefan put both hands in his pockets and scoffed
arrogantly, “I didn’t do this to help your brother, I just want to use him as a
guinea pig. You don’t have to thank me.”
“Guinea pig?” Renee appeared baffled. “What do you mean?”
Stefan remained silent and refused to explain.
It was Owen who smiled and said, ” Don’t listen to his nonsense. He said it will
be a test of my medical skills. If I manage to cure your brother, I have to cure his
brain afterwards. Well… his goal is ultimately to save your brother, but he came
up with such a lame excuse for it. He simply doesn’t want others to know the
good things he does.”
“Owen, don’t talk nonsense. I’m not close to her and her brother, so there’s no
reason for me to help them. I only did this for myself.”
“Fine, you did it for yourself. You’re a selfish scumbag!” Owen said sarcastically
as he patted Stefan’s shoulder. He heard that the famous president of Hunt
Group was aloof and cruel, but now he realized that it was far from the truth.
Stefan was just good at pretending to be that way.
Only those patient enough to take the time to try to understand him would truly
know him.
Owen looked at Renee and patted her shoulder too. “Listen to me. Some men
look nice but are rotten on the inside, and some men are the opposite… You
have to be smart enough to figure it out.”
“I understand. Thank you for saving my brother,” Renee said gratefully, her eyes
watery. She was still a bit unclear about how this happened, but she was very
moved by it.
“Why are you thanking me? You should thank the person who’s hiding his
kindness by pretending to be the big, bad wolf.” Owen glanced at Stefan with a
smirk, obviously referring to him.
Stefan became embarrassed, and looked away. He coughed and mumbled,
“You’d better keep quiet.”
They returned to land as fast as they could, and then rushed to the hospital
where Quinton was. Immediately, Owen changed into a surgical gown and
calmly started performing surgery on Quinton.


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