The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280
The surgery would take a long time, but Renee did not dare to leave. She
waited outside the whole time.
When everything was going smoothly, Stefan turned to leave.
“Wait,” Renee whispered suddenly as she stared at his back.
Stefan stopped and said arrogantly, “What now?”
After a while of nibbling her lip, Renee finally gathered her courage and said,
“Thank you.” She took a deep breath and continued, “My family was once on
friendly terms with yours, but unfortunately, we’re enemies now. I hope that our
Enter title…
families as well as the Baldwins can put their prejudices aside and be at peace
after Quinton is cured. I believe that’s what our ancestors would want too.”
Stefan stared at Renee, disappointment blooming on his face as he sneered.
“So, your only expectation of me is peace between our families?”
“What else would it be?” Renee swallowed in panic, not knowing how to face
Stefan. Too many things had happened between them that she couldn’t ignore,
and she couldn’t get close to him again.
“Nothing. That’s pretty good,” Stefan scoffed mockingly, and then he turned
around and left.
For a moment, he felt like a clown. Renee’s brother was in a coma, but instead
of celebrating, he had actually gone fishing with a doctor just to ask him to save
What was it he wanted?
He should be trying to get close to Seraphina. After all, their families had similar
backgrounds and goals, and were bound firmly with shared interests.
Additionally, Seraphina’s love for him was sincere and passionate without any
hidden motives. She was more open than people who hid their feelings, and he
felt that he should never let her down, i
Renee watched him leave but struggled to collect her thoughts for a long time.
Haze had been watching everything, and when he noticed Renee’s
disappointment, he felt sorry for her. “You’re contradicting yourself. You want to
drive him away but you can’t bear to part with him. What is it you really want?”
“No, I want him to leave. I just… don’t want to owe him anything,” Renee said
“You owe me a favor too, but you treat me very differently.” Haze sighed and
said bitterly, “So, he hired the famous doctor, and now I’ve lost. I’m afraid my
three percent has turned into a negative number again.”
Renee was at a loss for words. Her mind was thinking of Stefan, so she couldn’t
be bothered to reply to Haze. Yes, her attitude was vastly different when she
accepted Stefan’s help. She felt that she could return Haze’s favor one day, but
something always weighed on her mind when Stefan helped her.
It seemed like she could never repay his kindness…


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