The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281
In the plastic surgery hospital.
“Where’s everyone? Come out now!” A clear and overbearing voice rang out
through the entire hospital.
Leia clenched her fists tightly and walked towards the plastic surgery room
where Quinton was previously. She said firmly, “I won’t leave if you guys don’t
come out and explain what happened to me. I’ll make such a scene that you
won’t be able to run a business here anymore!”
After she bade Renee goodbye the other day, she investigated and interviewed
a lot of people. She found that there were many doubts surrounding Quinton’s
Enter title…
case. It seemed more likely that foul play was involved, and it wasn’t because of
Quinton’s health or a careless mistake. She felt that she needed to be held
responsible for the incident since it was her suggestion and she had asked
Xavier for the doctor’s contact.
Hence, she had rushed to the hospital to demand an explanation.
The assistant of the doctor who performed the plastic surgery for Quinton
cautiously walked over and smiled flatteringly. “Miss Osborne, we know that this
incident has caused you and your friends great trouble, so the hospital has
decided to pay you compensation to remedy our mistake. Please forgive us and
do not make a scene, or else this hospital will go bankrupt.”
“You want to pay compensation?” Leia snorted disdainfully.” Do you know who
Quinton is? He’s the boss of Carmine Pawnshop, and everything in his shop is
worth millions or billions. Do you think your measly compensation will mean
anything to him?”
“What?! Are you saying that the person who underwent the surgery is the
famous boss of Carmine Pawnshop? So… he’s the terrifying Night Demon?”
“Yes!” Leia added, “Although Carmine Pawnshop is no longer doing shady
business, and Quinton is no longer calling himself Night Demon, he is still
powerful and influential. You all have harmed him so openly… Do you think the
people of Carmine Pawnshop will let you off the hook? Do you think my bestie
and I will forgive you?”
“We… We didn’t know that things would turn out this way. If we knew that he
was the boss of Carmine Pawnshop, we wouldn’t have…” The assistant blurted
out anxiously, then realizing she had slipped up, immediately went silent.
However, Leia was not someone to be trifled with. She immediately asked,
“What wouldn’t you do?”
“No, it’s nothing. I don’t know anything. Please don’t interrogate me-l’m just a
mere assistant.” She avoided Leia’s sharp gaze and shuddered in fear. Her
words and actions confirmed Leia’s suspicions that something had happened,
and she most likely knew what it was.
Leia glanced around at the onlookers and approached the assistant before she
whispered, “Miss, don’t feel pressured. We can talk somewhere else. You look
honest, so I’m sure that you’re a victim in this too. I just want to know the truth.
We won’t make things difficult for you as long as you tell me what you know.”
“Okay… let’s talk somewhere else.” The assistant nodded with watery eyes.
They then went to a cafe near the hospital.


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