The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282
“It’s okay, this place is safe. Your colleagues and superiors aren’t here,” Leia
said reassuringly.
The young woman stared down into her cup of coffee for a long time. She
looked conflicted as she said slowly, “To be honest, I found that surgery weird
because Doctor Leslie Snyder is always very cautious. He would use the
anesthesia with the lowest risk if he could, but… he behaved strangely that day.
He insisted on using the forbidden anesthesia. Although that anesthesia is
effective, its side effects are strong. One of the side effects is causing the
patient to go into shock and enter a long coma. It’s what we call brain death!”
Enter title…
“A forbidden anesthesia?” Leia was shocked when she heard that.
Unexpectedly, their enemy had been that bold. Renee’s instincts were right-it
had been a deliberate attempt at murder.
“At first, I disagreed with it, but Doctor Snyder claimed that we were out of
imported anesthesia and this surgery couldn’t be delayed, so we had to take a
risk. Although it was forbidden, many plastic surgery hospitals used it in the
past, but there were never any complications. I was just a mere assistant that
couldn’t speak out then, so I could only cooperate… I didn’t expect that
something would happen.”
The assistant cried and said, “I’m so sorry. We didn’t do it on purpose. At least, I
didn’t mean to. I wouldn’t have let them use the problematic anesthesia if I knew
things would turn out this way. Please don’t take it out on us; my family is poor,
and I’m my parents’ only child. I…”
“Alright, stop crying. If you’re innocent, we’ll leave you alone. ” Leia became
flustered because of the assistant’s crying, so she frowned and said, “I can give
you a chance to make up for your mistake. Try and recall carefully if Doctor
Snyder did anything odd. You’re saying that he’s very experienced and wouldn’t
purposely use forbidden anesthesia on the patient, so someone must have
ordered him to do so.”
“Er…” The assistant struggled for a long time before she said slowly, “He did
something, but I don’t know if it was odd or not.”
“Go on.”
“He got a call before the surgery. If I’m not mistaken, it was a call from Shirley,
the famous movie star.”
Leia’s eyes grew wide. “Shirley?”
“Yeah, she’s a frequent customer at the hospital. She did a lot of fine-tuning
these years, and it was always Doctor Snyder who did it. Shirley seems to be
very close to Doctor Snyder. They spoke for more than a minute before the
surgery. It wasn’t unusual since it’s normal for doctors to be friendly with their
clients, but I found it strange when I heard their conversation.”
“Tell me the details.” Leia held her breath in anticipation.
“Doctor Snyder asked her not to worry about something. He guaranteed that
nothing would go wrong…” The assistant continued, “I don’t understand. If
Shirley had nothing to do with the patient, Doctor Snyder didn’t have to tell her
the result of the surgery.”
“So, it means that Shirley was aware of the surgery and she purposely
contacted Doctor Snyder before that…” Leia took a deep breath. Reluctance hit
her but she had to face it.
She had to meet Shirley to ask her about the incident


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