The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283
Shirley was a new rising star. Although her commercial value was average, her
fans and fame were excellent. Thus, her whereabouts were a secret, and it was
hard for ordinary people to meet her. Even after asking around, Leia didn’t gain
any useful clues. Finally, she braced herself and went to Universal
She’d decided to ask Xavier about Shirley. After all, Shirley was his first love, so
he should know everything about Shirley.
When the young receptionist saw Leia, she immediately got up and welcomed
her enthusiastically. “Miss Osborne, you must be here to see Mr. Stuart. He’s in
Enter title…
his office now. You can go up without making an appointment.”
“Oh… Okay.” Leia scratched her hair and looked at the eager receptionist
doubtfully. She had dated Xavier secretly in the past, and not many people had
known about it. She had to go through a very complicated procedure every time
she went to Universal Entertainment to see him, and meeting him without an
appointment was very difficult, so this was rather strange.
As she headed to Xavier’s office, many employees stole glances at her. If they
accidentally met her gaze, they would immediately look away guiltily. The whole
office building seemed to be engulfed in gloominess, and it was like everyone
was walking on eggshells.
However, her sudden arrival seemed like a ray of hope to the employees, and
everyone welcomed her as if she was their savior.
“Miss Osborne, this way please.” Another charming female employee was even
more enthusiastic as she led Leah into the elevator. She even considerately
handed a pack of tissue paper to Leah. “Miss Osborne, please take this-you
might need it later.”
Leia felt like she was being led into the battlefield. She carefully asked the lady,
“What’s going on? Has this building been hijacked by terrorists or something?
Are you guys being held hostage?”
“Er, well…” The employee swallowed. She wore a tight skirt and high heels, and
her posture was stiff. “It’s worse than a terrorist. We’re not hostages but
innocent people… Mr.
Stuart will deal with us if we’re careless.”
“What do you mean? Is Xavier out of his mind? Is he attacking people now?”
Leia asked incredulously, then added, “He’s not an emotional person. Did his
first love hurt him? Is that why he’s venting his anger on his pitiful employees?”
“We don’t know the details, but he changed after talking to you and Miss White
the other day. He always smiled in the past, and wouldn’t be mad at us
regardless of how we joked with him. However, now… we may even get fired if
we take a deeper breath these days, let alone make a joke. The personnel
department had to replace his secretary three times already, and you won’t
believe why they were fired in
the first place…”
Leia frowned. “Why were they fired?”
“One was five minutes late to work, and the other used a lipstick that was ‘the
wrong color’. And another was fired because… her name sounds like yours.
You’re Leah, and she’s Ayra Dixon. So, she was fired, but Mr. Stuart generously
paid them all twice the usual amount of compensation,” the employee
elaborated as if she was commenting on a book.
However, Xavier’s behaviour was indeed abnormal these days, like a character
from a fantasy story.
The employees secretly guessed that his mood swings might either be related
to Shirley or Leia. After all, he had changed only after meeting them. Shirley
was a famous star with a tight daily schedule, so she rarely went to the
headquarters of Universal Entertainment, but fortunately, Leia was here to save


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