The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285
“I… I’m sorry.’ Xavier was stunned, and spoke like a child who had made a
mistake. “My employees can handle being rebuked. They won’t change if I don’t
scold them, so I have to do this”
“Is that really the reason? You’re overly violent, so they don’t dare to resist.”
Leia glared at him as she touched her swollen forehead, gritting her teeth in
pain. “Did I wrong you? Why am I so unlucky whenever I meet you?”
“Come here, let me take a look.” Xavier pulled her hand away. When he saw a
slight scratch on her forehead, he felt very sorry for her. He blew at the wound
gently and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.
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“Wait. I have ointment and a plaster here. Let me tend to it.” He then led her to
the sofa and opened his drawer to get the small medical kit. He was attentive
and considerate, being unusually gentle and kind. It was very different from his
usual frivolity.
“Stop it, I’m not that weak. It’ll heal soon…” Leia tried her best to keep her
distance because she didn’t want to fall for him again, but the way he kissed her
forehead earlier almost tore down all the walls she had put up. Her heart raced,
and she felt her cheeks grow warm. Panicked, she shook her head.
Damn it! Did he forget that we’ve broken up? He kissed me and is being so
sweet, he really is a playboy and scumbag!
He’s probably like this with Shirley too. What a jerk!’ Leia sat on the sofa and
became angrier when she thought about it. So, she stood up instantly the
moment Xavier came, and accidentally knocked her head against his chin.
“Ah!” Xavier howled in pain, uncaring of his image because of how badly it hurt.
“Hey, be quiet! People may think I did something bad to you. ” Leia saw how he
held his chin and thought he was pretending, but she soon realized that he
genuinely was in pain.
Xavier raised his head slightly, his eyes watering. “It hurts so bad!” Xavier did
not even dare to swallow. “I think it’s dislocated.’
“Your chin… is dislocated?”
“Yes, and my face is going to be ruined. Leia, you’re so cruel. You just wanted to
ruin my face since you can’t win me over, rv
Leia was speechless. ‘Clearly, he’s not dying, otherwise he wouldn’t joke around
like this.’
“Okay then, let me fix it for you.” While talking, she cracked her knuckles and
approached him.
“You want to fix it?” Xavier swallowed. “We’re separated, but you don’t have to
ruin my face. My jawline is one of the best in Beach City, and I’m only second to
Stefan. If you ruin it, I…


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