The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286
Cut the crap! Here, I’ll fix it.” Leia became flustered because of his words, so
she grabbed his face with her hands.
Recalling what she learned in her university elective lesson about putting back
one’s joints, she applied a bit of force, and they soon heard a crack.
“Move it and see if it’s cured,” she clapped and said confidently.
Xavier moved his chin, and to his surprise, it didn’t hurt as badly. Nonetheless,
he wanted to bluff Leia. “No, it still
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hurts. Hmm, my face is going to be ruined now. What do you think you should
do to compensate me?”
“It still hurts? That can’t be.” Leia frowned and took a step forward. She then
grabbed his face again. “Should I do it again?”
“No, I’m fine now.” Xavier immediately dodged. He might die instead of merely
ruining his face if he went through that again.
Leia realized he had tricked her, and became furious. “Can you be serious? Is it
fun to fool me?”
“Yes, it’s fun!” Xavier smirked and got close to her. “I think it’s fun when we
bicker. No one dares to argue with me except you, and it gets boring to have no
one to drive me mad by my side.”
“So, you tried to get happiness from fooling me, and vented your anger on your
employees when I wasn’t around.”
“No, that’s not it. You drove me mad, so I vented my anger out on them. In
short, it was because of you that they suffered. You’re the culprit. You’ve
wronged them, so shouldn’t you make up for it?”
“Xavier, you’re shameless!” Leia could not argue, so she crossed her arms over
her chest and ignored him. After all, they were no longer a couple now, so his
unruly behaviour had nothing to do with her.
Xavier became serious and started tending to her injury attentively. After that, he
asked, “Why did you come? Did you find you couldn’t leave me after the
breakup? Did you come here to get back together with me?”
“Ugh!” Leia pretended to vomit. “I’m not so desperate that I would share a man
with another woman…”
“Shirley and I…” Xavier wanted to explain but Leia interrupted him.
“It’s unimportant what relationship you have with her. I don’t care about that. I
came today to ask for your first love. I have something to ask her.”
Xavier frowned and became serious. “What is it?”
“There was something wrong with the doctor you recommended for Quinton. He
spoke to Shirley on the phone alone before the surgery. After that, an accident
happened during the surgery…” When Leia reached that point, she started
crying. “Quinton’s still in a coma at the hospital, and Ren also fainted from
anxiety. I should be held responsible too, so I owe Ren and Quinton an
explanation… I don’t care what the reason is. I hope you can let me meet Shirley
so I can get to the bottom of it.”
“How did that even happen?” When Xavier heard that, he was bewildered. “That
plastic surgeon is very famous in his industry. He managed to heal faces with
worse scars, which was why I recommended him to you. I didn’t expect an
“It wasn’t an accident, it was a malicious scheme! Shirley must know something.
I want to see her!”


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