The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287
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“Calm down…” Xavier tried to console Leia. “I hear you, but I’m afraid this incident isn’t as

simple as you think. Shirley holds no grudges against Quinton, and they don’t even talk, so

there’s no point in her risking her future to harm him…”

“Ugh, shut up!” When Leia heard his words, she was so angry that she wanted to leave, but

she forced herself to stay since she had a favor to ask of him. So, she gritted her teeth and

sneered, “I told you someone told me that she heard the plastic surgeon talking to Shirley

on the phone before the surgery. He even asked her to rest assured since he would get the

job done. Do you really think she’s innocent? This woman isn’t as simple as you think, but

you always regard her as your untouchable first love. You just don’t want to admit it.”

“You’re wrong,” Xavier said coldly, ’I know better than you that there’s more to her than

meets the eye. If not, I wouldn’t have fallen out with her… I just want you to properly analyze

who the culprit is.”

He was not a biased person. Regardless of who it was, he could analyze the situation


Leia’s anger dimmed, and she said, “At the very least, I’m sure she was a part of it even if

she wasn’t the culprit. It’s fine as long as I find her and ask her about it, right?”

Xavier thought about it briefly, then nodded. “Sure, I’ll go with you.”

“Why? Are you afraid that I’ll make things difficult for your first love?”

Xavier shook his head. “No, she can easily deal with you given how straightforward you


“What… are you talking about?”

“You’re gullible and can be easily bullied. It’s better if I watch over you.”

After that, he picked up his phone and contacted the business department. “Look into

Shirley’s current schedule and send a copy of it to my phone.”

She had been suspended by the company, so she did not have many jobs. Currently, she

was doing a slow variety show called Happy Days. She signed onto it a year ago.

It was about a group of celebrities who spent time living a simple life in a remote village. At

first, Shirley didn’t want to do the show because she had to work and toil away there for a

month. After the show, her skin would have turned rough and tanned. It was hard to restore

her delicate look, so she found it intolerable. So, even though her fans thought that she was

diligent, the others complained that she was too pretentious and wanted nothing but a

comfortable life. They thought she needed her assistant to do everything for her, including

feeding her.

Hence, the company accepted such a variety show for her to change her image. If the show

gained a good response, she could earn an endorsement fee, and the company would stop

suspending her.

“The business department told me that she arrived at Drido Village at Siebert City in

Xavwood last night. The living conditions there are rather difficult, and I heard that there

aren’t any roads. Do you still want to go?” Xavier was afraid that she could not soldier

through that. After all, she was a rich young lady who grew up under Geronimo’s abundant

adoration. She never did any house chores, and he figured that she had never been to a

village before. “I can ask her for you or you can go to her after the shooting is over.”

“No!“ Leia raised her hand eagerly. “To be honest, I’ve been watching Happy Days for five

seasons. I planned to go there to take a look even without Shirley. Now is the perfect time!”

“Okay, I’ll get a car and set off right away.” Xavier held his forehead

because he knew that he could not dissuade her from that. He could only accompany her

for the wild ride ahead.


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