The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289
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It had been raining recently, so the road was bumpy with mud. One could not drive on it,

and it was very hard to walk on the road too.

“Maybe we should go back…” Xavier frowned deeply when he saw the road. He felt that a

rich young lady like Leia wouldn’t be able to handle this.

“Go?” To his surprise, Leia rolled the legs of her trousers up and actually looked excited.
“What a wonderful experience! I’ve only seen this in movies. How can I leave?”
After that, she took off her shoes and happily walked onto the road.
“Are you a woman? You’re so tough. Don’t you find the mud dirty?” Xavier stood at a clean

spot and watched Leia stomp through the mud in disbelief. Although he wasn’t a
germaphobe, he couldn’t bear stepping in the mud with bare feet.
“Why are you still standing there? Hurry up, it’s just mud. We can wash our feet clean later.”

Leia had walked a hundred meters when she realized that Xavier was still standing there


She didn’t realize that he was such a sissy.
She didn’t mind it, but his current image was vastly different from her former impression of
him. She even began to doubt if she was blind to fall in love with such a man in the past.
“Hey, I’m going to count to three. I won’t wait for you…” Leia put both hands on her waist

and urged him impatiently.

“Just you wait, Leia! I’ll deal with you when we get there. I’m suffering now, so I’ll let it go,”

Xavier said through gritted teeth. It was indeed some kind of torture to walk barefoot through

that muddy road for him, but her words angered him.

“Bragging is useless! Come over if you dare!” Leia grinned triumphantly. She loved the

feeling of infuriating him when he couldn’t do anything about it.

She really did drive him mad.

She thought he was afraid of stepping into the mud barefoot, so she could easily provoke

and humiliate him. Leia was having a great time now.

“I’ll show you what’s what!” Xavier closed his eyes and rolled the legs of his trousers up. He

then gnashed his teeth and stepped into the mud.

“Ah, just kill me!” When he stepped into the mud, he groaned as if he had just stepped into

fire instead.

Leia held her forehead. “It’s just mud. Stop screaming, or dogs might come!”

“Dogs?” Xavier became much more terrified when he heard that. He suppressed his inward

disgust and ran towards Leia.


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