The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290
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“I’m most afraid of dogs! Where are they?” Xavier hid behind Leia. He was nearly 190cm

tall, but he looked like a kid hiding behind his mother’s skirts.

Leia pursed her lips and tried her best to suppress her laughter, and patted his head as if he

was a child. “Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you. Dogs won’t hurt you. Just stay behind me and
stop screaming.”

They supported each other like an old couple and walked through that muddy road until they
finally arrived at the set of Happy Days.
“Finally, it’s over!” Xavier heaved a deep sigh, feeling like he had gone through hell.

“Stop exaggerating!” Leia looked at him in confusion. “This is a remote village, so there’ll be

mud and dogs everywhere. Why did you torture yourself and come with me if you were so


“What do you think?” Xavier headed to a small stream and washed his feet, smiling faintly.

“Do I look like someone who purposely looks for trouble?”

“Yes, you do!” Leia replied bluntly.

Xavier rolled his eyes. “I was worried about someone, so I thought of taking care of her, but

she clearly despises me. Ah, how ungrateful!”

“Don’t mock me! I’m the one taking care of you. If you hadn’t taken so long, I would have

arrived at the set ages ago…”

“Fine, I’m just a busybody. I deserve it.” Xavier was slightly angry now. Every time he was

nice to her, she made fun of him. He did all that for nothing!

‘Til go now to stop troubling you.” After Xavier washed away most of the mud, he left Leia

washing her feet and walked towards the set not far away.

The set was a tile-roofed house with a large compound and many small rooms as well as

some pets and farm animals. It was near the mountains and located beside a river. Happy

Days enjoyed good viewership since its launch. They would usually invite famous guests

other than their fixed celebrities. Those fixed celebrities were mostly famous singers, actors,

and hosts. They had been shooting that show for five seasons, so they were very familiar

with each other, but with Shirley around, the atmosphere had become strained.

Shirley was a delicate lady. Although she would not directly put on airs, she would express

her thoughts through her assistant and agent. For example, she did not want to cook

because the smoke would harm her skin. She also did not want to do farm work for the

same reason. The only thing she wanted to do was to sit and chat with the guests, but she

didn’t have any creative ideas, so she always put others in an awkward position.

Hence, the fixed celebrities had had enough of her, and were discussing privately if they

could dismiss her.


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