The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291
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Angelo Fairfax, a famous singer, became desperate as he gritted his teeth and complained,
“I can’t take it anymore! I’ve never met such a delicate star even though I debuted so many
years ago. She joined a variety show in the countryside, but doesn’t even want to drink the
water at this place. She demanded pure water from an expensive brand, and even asked
me to cook using that water. Where can I get so much of that? How preposterous!”
Angelo was in charge of cooking in the show, and he was good at it. The others enjoyed his
cooking, and his skills helped him gain a lot of fans. However, Shirley had started ordering
him around after she joined the show. She claimed that the pasta was undercooked and that
there were insects in the food. However, what infuriated him the most was that she
demanded he cook with that expensive water, or else she wouldn’t eat.
“I’ve met self-important people, but she’s way too much. I’m no longer famous but I was
quite a successful singer in the past. I’ve never suffered this much before, honestly. If
Shirley isn’t dismissed, I’ll quit!” Angelo smacked the table angrily. He was even willing to
breach his contract because of Shirley.
Lily Anderson, the host, quickly comforted him. “Ah, please bear with her. She’s a star
heavily promoted by Universal Entertainment, and they purposely got her into our show. If
we force her to leave, we’ll make Universal Entertainment
our enemy. We’ll be banned if we offend them given their status in the entertainment
“But I heard a rumor that they’ve given up promoting her. If she doesn’t do a good job this
time, she may be suspended. We don’t have to be afraid of offending her, we just need to
teach her a lesson!” Thomas Morris, a famous actor, had had enough too. He had long
wanted to teach that woman a lesson.
“No, that isn’t the case.” Lily shook her head. “The superiors of Universal Entertainment,
including Mr. Stuart wanted to promote another star, but Shirley befriended someone more
powerful in the company, so she won’t get suspended.”
As a famous host, she had great connections, and had long heard that Shirley had gained a
new supporter who Xavier was afraid of. So, she would have to let Shirley have her way.
“Alas, I heard that too. Her new supporter seems to be…” Angelo approached them and was
about to gossip when he heard someone open the door of the house. Ace, the dog they
had, kept barking.
“Is that a dog?” Xavier was about to go into the house, but he instantly backed away when
he saw the large yellow dog in the house. He bumped into Leia who was behind him, and
quickly hid behind her helplessly. “Dog… There’s a dog!”
Leia glanced at him in disgust and waved at the dog.” Doggie, hello. Why are you so much
fatter than on the screen? Come here and let me pat you.”
Strangely, the barking dog turned into a docile pet instantly.
It looked up at Leia and wagged its tail enthusiastically.
Leia touched its head. “Good boy. You’re so cute, but some people are afraid of you. You
don’t bite either. I don’t know why he’s so scared. What a coward!”
Xavier could not accept that as he hid behind her. “I mean… I’m not afraid of dogs. I just
don’t even know if the wild dogs here are vaccinated or not. What if the dog bites me and I
get rabies?”
“You shouldn’t have come here if that was the case. Since you’re here, you should open up
and enjoy yourself. Don’t act like a coward and hide behind me,” Leia rudely rebuked him.
At that time, both Lily and Angelo came out of the house. When they saw Xavier, they were
initially shocked, but enthusiastically went to him.
“Mr. Stuart, why are you here, in such a remote place? Our little house is honored to have
you!” Lily said charmingly.


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