The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293
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Xavier and Leia spoke at the same time.
Xavier wanted to stay in the same room as Leia, but Leia felt that it wasn’t a good idea to
get close to him since they had officially broken up with each other.
“Umm… it’s up to the both of you, I guess. Either way, wash up and rest well; there’ll be a
grand welcoming feast for the both of you early tomorrow morning. If you’re not
comfortable with the arrangement…” Lily thought about it for a while, then pointed at a small
thatched shed nearby.” There’s a cowshed over there. We can set up a bed there, and you
can make do with it for one night. We don’t suggest it though, because the cows are very
stinky and may try to knock you down.”
“Are you serious?” Leia forced a smile, but was inwardly cursing. She knew that the
conditions were hard at Happy Days, but surely it couldn’t be so bad that she had to stay in
a cow shed.
“It’s late. The both of you should head to bed, don’t worry about us…” Xavier hugged Leia’s
shoulders and smiled. “I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have a somewhat ‘special’
relationship… I’m sure we’ll figure out the sleeping arrangements.”
“There’s nothing special about our relationship! Stop spreading rumors, you idiot! People
will get the wrong idea.” Leia tried to struggle out of his arms but he just hugged her tighter.
Xavier looked down at her, his gaze tender. “You’re so stubborn, darling. Our relationship is
really something else.”
Both Lily and Angelo watched them in understanding, and exchanged meaningful glances.
“Okay, we won’t disturb you then. Take your time to discuss it. There are brand-new
toiletries in the room, and if you’re hungry, there are some snacks there too. Goodnight and
sweet dreams.”
Angelo was still grinning and watching the fun, but Lily quickly pulled him away to give
Xavier and Leia some privacy. She suspected from the beginning that the two were in a
relationship, which was why she had suggested they stay in the same room.
Now, it seemed like her suggestion was exactly what Xavier wanted. When the time came,
she was sure he would return the favor too.
That was how the entertainment industry worked.
“Miss Anderson, it seems like the rumor is true. Universal Entertainment does want to
support another person, and Mr. Stuart clearly likes this woman very much. Maybe he
brought her here to expose her to the public. Let’s include them in the shooting tomorrow
and make her popular.”
“Great idea!” Lily said enthusiastically. “I don’t care who Shirley’s new supporter is, but she
can’t rely on her old supporter now. We just need to curry favor with Xavier and help get him
together with Miss Osborne.”
“Oh, I’m good at that. Leave it to me!”
They happily decided to focus the next few days of shooting on the two. They wanted to
make Leia popular and help her get with Xavier.
Eventually, Xavier and Leia were the only ones left in the yard. They were still arguing about
the sleeping arrangements.
“Xavier, you’re a man, and I’m a woman. It’s inappropriate for us to stay in the same room,
so I suggest you stay in the cowshed. I can help you set up the bed,” Leia said seriously.
Xavier looked at her helplessly. “Why should I stay in the cowshed? What if the cows attack
me while I’m asleep? You can go and stay there. I don’t want to.” While talking, he
shamelessly walked into the only guest room.
“Ugh, you’re really not a gentleman! I’m a woman, you know. What happens to my privacy if
I stay in the cowshed?”


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