The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294
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While complaining, Leia hurried to follow Xavier.
The only bedroom looked rather ordinary. There was an old wooden bed, and although
there was a new mattress on it, the room had bumpy floors and a leaking roof. It was not
much better than the cowshed. The most horrible thing was that one had to use the water
prepared in the tank for washing up-there was no tap water or hot water. Water had to be
boiled on the spot if one wanted to take a bath and wash their face. It was extremely
“I get why Shirley did that now…” Leia swallowed. “We can’t blame her for being a diva. It’s
not easy to stay here.”
“I think this place is pretty good.” Xavier accepted his fate and flopped down onto the bed
leisurely. He put his arms under his head and smiled contentedly. “The bed is rather soft,
and we can look at the stars. How romantic!”
“Is that so? Coincidentally, I’m allergic to romance,” Leia said grumpily. She pulled a chair
over and sat down on it cross-legged, as if she was meditating. “Leave me alone. Life is a
journey of self-cultivation, so I’ll stay like this tonight.”
Xavier noticed how miserable she looked, and smiled at her warmly. “Just tolerate it since
you’re here. As long as we’re together, it’ll be alright. Even hell seems like heaven this way.
“Ugh! I haven’t eaten. Don’t disgust me.” Leia rolled her eyes and turned to look at him. She
could not figure out when he became so corny.
Xavier remained silent before he sat up in bed. “Do you want to wash up? I’ll boil some
water for you.”
“Yes, I do.” Leia nodded. “Boil more water for me so I can take a bath and wash my hair
“Okay.” Xavier agreed to it, behaving like a considerate and reliable boyfriend. He knew that
the conditions here were difficult. Leia was a rich, young lady who grew up like a princess,
so it was probably quite tough on her.
He could only try his best to make her more comfortable.
Xavier came to the kitchen and used a silver lighter to light up the firewood to boil water. As
the fire burned, the thick smoke that billowed out of it choked him until his eyes watered.
After some time, he finally managed to boil some water.
“It’s ready. Go ahead and take a bath. I’ll go out and smoke.” Xavier carried a large bucket
of water to the room, then politely retreated.
“Are you sad? Why are you crying?” Leia saw how red and watery his eyes were, and felt
sorry for him. But at the same time, the situation was also pretty amusing.
“I’m not crying! It’s because I burned the firewood. Aren’t you moved by my dedication and
“Yes, I’m moved. You’re indeed here to suffer.” Leia fought
back a smile and patted his shoulders. “Although you’re a beast most of the time,
sometimes you look like a human too. I’ll remember this favor and repay you when I get the
“You can repay me now!” Xavier took a step forward, looking determined. “You just need to
repay me with your body.” He felt that both he and Leia were too pretentious. They cared
about each other, but they made things so complicated. After holding himself back for a day,
he decided to be honest and confess his feelings


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