The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295
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“Get lost!” Leia knew that he could never speak nicely. After she drove him out of the room,
she quickly locked the door. She was a bit tired after the shower, so she decided to rest
early that night.
She had to battle against Shirley the next day.
Leia woke up a few hours later, and felt rather sorry for him. She opened the door, and as
expected, saw him squatting outside the door pitifully. He looked like a homeless puppy.
“You’re awake?” Xavier looked up, his eyes watery.
Leia looked at him, half expecting him to burst into tears. She sighed and said, “Forget it.
Go and sleep in the room. I’ll sleep in the cow shed.” After all, she was a tough woman. She
could handle sleeping in the cowshed, but it was cruel to ask a rich young heir like Xavier to
sleep there.
“Thanks!” Xavier did not hesitate at all, and dashed into the room eagerly. Gone was his
pitiful act and puppy dog eyes.
‘Leia Osborne, you’re a fool! He tricked you!’ Leia cursed silently as she returned to the
room to take a clean blanket and pillow.
Before Leia could head to the cowshed, Xavier closed the door and hugged her from
behind. “Stop messing around, this bed is large enough for the both of us. If you think it’s
cramped, I’ll just hug you and sleep.”
“Xavier, let go of me. Don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m serious, Leia. We have slept together before, and I promise that I’ll only hug you.”
Xavier raised his hand and swore solemnly.
Leia pursed her lips. “Maybe you can promise not to do anything, but I can’t… We’ve already
broken up with each other, so we should keep some distance from each other. If not, things
will go back to the way they were.” She knew him, and she knew herself. In the past, they
had also argued and wanted to break up, but they somehow slept together and made up
with each other right after. Xavier always said that they would never break up because of it,
and even if they did fight, they could always solve it by sleeping together.
But Leia didn’t want to make the same mistakes again.
They would never resolve their issues if they did, and those problems would just come back
to haunt them. Inevitably, she would only get hurt again if this vicious cycle continued.
“Don’t promise me if you can’t. Just sleep with me, and see me as something to use. I’m not
asking you for money or to take responsibility for it.” While talking, Xavier started to kiss her
neck, and his hands reached out to unbutton her clothes. “Stop!”


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