The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296
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Leia stopped Xavier from going further, and said quietly, “If you do this, I’ll just be like all the
other women you’ve dated. You’ll just use me to sate your lust, and leave me when you get
bored. It makes me feel cheap.”
They had said that during their previous fight. She knew that it had been said out of spite,
but her heart ached every time she thought about it.
“But I’ll never get bored of you…’1 Xavier murmured hoarsely. He closed his eyes and
touched her skin, allowing his instincts to guide him. He had to admit that even though their
relationship wasn’t deep, their bodies were compatible. He didn’t want to give her up so
easily because of that.
“You’re still talking nonsense. Don’t you realize that it matters to me? Don’t you think you
should discuss it with me? Or am I just a tool to you, so you feel you don’t have to waste
your time talking to me?” Unable to stand it, Leia pushed him away and asked him, her eyes
She was reluctant to accept that they had broken up, and wanted to talk it out with him, but
he always seemed unconcerned. Unfortunately, they had never really discussed the issue
properly, and she couldn’t forget about him. This trip had given them the perfect opportunity
to talk it out, but he was not taking it seriously as usual. He only wanted to sleep with her,
which she couldn’t accept.
Xavier became annoyed as he said coldly, “Leia, can you stop being so pretentious? Does it
matter why I date you? It’s fine as long as we’re happy. If I’m infatuated with your body, it
means that I’m infatuated with you too. It’s not like our souls are nobler than our bodies.” He
liked things to be simple, and this relationship was very complicated. He had never sincerely
dated women in the past, so he would only stay with them if they were physically
compatible. If they weren’t, they would break up. He never really got attached, and to him,
that was easy and straightforward.
But it seemed that it would not work with Leia that way. Both of them wanted more, but deep
down, he couldn’t adjust to it. So, they always fell out with each other because of their
differing expectations.
Shirley was just a catalyst; the main thing affecting their relationship was yet to be resolved.
“All women want their men to love their souls because bodies can be replaced. Only souls
are unique and can last forever!” Leia argued, tears running down her cheeks. She wished
that Xavier could love her for who she was on the inside too. Although she felt like she was
ordinary and boring, she wanted to be special to someone.
“Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I won’t fall for anybody’s soul. It’s too much for me to
handle,” Xavier answered bluntly. His words were cruel, but he was telling the truth. A
relationship like that was deep and serious, and it might be one that lasted forever… He had
yet to think of his future.
“You’re lying. You love Shirley’s soul, so you’re willing to
sacrifice for her even after so many years. You’ve got no energy left in you to love another’s
soul because you’re still in love with hers. So, you’re lying when you say that you can’t fall in
love with my soul,” Leia said sharply.
“Whatever!” Xavier could not be bothered to explain, and decided to go to sleep. ‘Tsk! She’s
so meddlesome. What got into me? Why did I follow her here? Whatever! I’ll leave early
tomorrow morning. I don’t care how pretentious she is!


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