The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299
Enter title…
A tinge of panic crept into Shirley’s eyes, but she was an actress who had undergone
professional training, so she soon regained her wits. “Oh, that… Yes, I seem to have
contacted him because I needed to get my skin booster again, so I made an appointment
with him in advance. Miss Osborne, do you need it too? I can recommend him to you.”
She lifted her chin and smiled at Leia, but the provocation was clear.
“Stop pretending. You know it isn’t as simple as that.” Leia was so angry that she rushed to
Shirley to confront her.
“Miss Osborne, please behave yourself. Shirley is a celebrity, so please keep some distance
from her.” The agent extended her hand to block Shirley from Leia.
Shirley looked at Xavier and sneered, “I didn’t expect your taste to be this… special.”
“What do you mean? Speak clearly!” Leia demanded, sensing that Shirley was mocking her.
“Mr. Jiminez, didn’t you say we were about to start shooting? Why is everyone still standing
here?” Shirley ignored Leia as she asked Adam sweetly.
“This…” Adam swallowed and looked at Xavier. “We were about to start but Mr. Stuart came,
so it was delayed. We’re waiting for his order.”
“Just go ahead with your shooting. Don’t delay it because of us.” Xavier put his hands in his
pockets and ordered.
Hence, the team started filming.
Based on the original script, Shirley would take a few guests up the mountain as the main
heroine to pick mushrooms for today’s lunch. The mountain was a few miles away, so going
up and down the mountain would easily take more than half a day.
That meant that Leia might lose the chance to confront Shirley.
“No!” Leia stepped forward and said suddenly, “Mr. Jiminez, didn’t you say you want to
invite us as mystery guests? Why don’t Xavier and I be the mystery guests for this show
and go pick mushrooms with Shirley?”
She felt that she would be able to get the truth out of Shirley as long as she was near her at
all times.
“Er, that…” Adam wiped away his sweat, uncertain of what to do.
The guests for every show were fixed in advance, and the script had already been finalized
too. If two people joined the show all of a sudden without any script, accidents would
happen very easily. For example, the show might be too boring or the guests might be too
wild, and then it would be hard to edit the show later. Previously, he invited Xavier to join the
show as a guest out of cordiality and to gain his favor. If Xavier agreed to it, Adam did not
dare to say no.
Shirley naturally did not want Leia to make trouble, so she asked Adam coldly, ’Mr. Jiminez,
you’ve always been cautious in your work, and you hate people who pull strings. Since the
guests for a show are fixed in advance, people can’t come and join the show at random,
“That’s true but there’ll always be a change of plans. We’d better ask Mr. Stuart’s opinion on
this. After all, he’s the sponsor of this show; we’ll listen to him.” Adam wiped away his sweat
and let Xavier handle the dilemma.
Leia looked at Xavier and indicated to him to agree to it immediately.


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