The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300
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Leia now realized that Xavier had the final say here.
“Do you want me to say yes?” Xavier immediately understood Leia’s intense look, and
smiled mischievously at her.
“Of course!” Leia gritted her teeth and whispered in his ear,” You know why we came, so we
have to keep an eye on Shirley at all times to find the truth as soon as possible.”
“What’s in it for me if I agree?”
“What do you want?” Leia clenched her fists angrily. ‘Even at a time like this, that scumbag
still wants to take advantage of me. How inhumane!’
“Not much… I just want you to obey me for the next few days.” Xavier pouted at her and
whined, “You bullied me so much the past few days, it really broke my heart…”
Leia cursed inwardly but forced a smile onto her face. “You want me to listen to you? Sure,
you’re the king here now, so everyone will listen to you!”
“That’s right!” Xavier touched Leia’s head in satisfaction as if he was petting an animal.
Everyone saw how they whispered to each other like a young couple, and figured that Leia
was very special to Xavier. Thus, they fawned over Leia even more.
“Miss Osborne is so cool and fun.”
“What’s more, she looks obedient. Maybe she’ll become popular after this show.”
“If it’s possible, Miss Osborne’s participation in the show will certainly cause ripples. There’ll
surely be drama if anything happens between her and Miss White during filming.”
Shirley looked at Xavier and frowned. “Are you going to say yes? You’re the president of
Universal Entertainment, but you’re bending over backwards just to please a woman!”
“So what if he’s a president? He’s a human just like everyone else. It’s just a variety show,
it’s not like he’s going to suffer,” Leia scoffed. “I recall that your first movie was with Stefan,
the CEO of Hunt Enterprise. Mr. Hunt became an actor just to gain his wife’s heart. Xavier
doesn’t feel that he’s wrong to join a variety show either, but you think we’ve wronged him. If
you keep this up, people might get the wrong idea and think you’re from a noble
background. Why don’t you tell us what kind of background you have?”
“Why, you!” Shirley gnashed her teeth. She wanted to argue but couldn’t say anything. Her
background had been a taboo topic for her, and she had worked hard in the entertainment
circle for so many years to get rid of the humiliation brought on by her family. However,
Leia’s words pulled Shirley back to reality.
When she put it that way, others might feel that Shirley was not a princess but just put on
airs as if she was one.
“It’s getting late. Let’s not delay the progress of the crew,” Xavier finally said. “I’m not
interested in picking mushrooms
but Lei is, so I’ll shoot this show with her for commemorative purposes.”
“Oh, great! I believe that this show will be a wonderful one.” Adam knew that he could not
dissuade Xavier, so he agreed to it reluctantly.
Hence, everyone set off for the depths of the mountains.


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