The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301
A videographer followed the group with a camera, recording all of their actions and words.
Adam sat in the studio, watching everything. At first, he was worried that the episode might be ruined, and even decided to shoot another
episode after Xavier and Leia left.
However, both Xavier and Leia were surprisingly interesting, especially Leia. She was a tough woman with tons of energy, and she looked
like Xavier’s significant other given the latter’s arrogant, germophobic, and weak nature. As an outsider, he began to ship their romance too.
“Yes, get more footage of them! That’s exactly what I want. I’m sure it’ll be popular when it’s broadcasted.” Adam held a walkie-talkie and
excitedly ordered the frontline filming staff. He had been a director for many popular variety shows, so he could tell at a glance what kinds
of scenes would be liked or disliked.
Enter title…

The first three episodes of Shirley had nothing interesting to show for, so he figured that this season would be ruined. But now, it seemed
like the show would be revived with the addition of Leia and Xavier.
There was a dense fog in the depths of the mountains, which scared the celebrities that were used to luxury and comfort. They retreated,
with nobody willing to lead the group.
“I heard that this mountain is filled with miasma, so the villagers generally go up the mountains to pick mushrooms in the afternoon. Why
don’t we wait for a while?” Myra Enfield, the newly appointed captain of the female team, suggested carefully, not daring to move forward.
“Yeah, there seem to be all kinds of insects and snakes here too. Maybe it’s better to wait.” Shirley swallowed and echoed Myra’s words
immediately. The show was ongoing, so her agent and assistant were back at the camp. She didn’t want anything to happen that might ruin
her public image.
‘This is a slow variety show, not a wilderness survival camp. There isn’t any miasma, insects, or snakes… What’s more, there might not be
anything left if you come in the afternoon! ’’ Leia scoffed as she picked a Boletus. Her basket had the most mushrooms, like termite
mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms, and matsutake.
Tm leaving, whether or not you come with me. I’m not afraid of snakes. If I bump into one, I’ll catch it and roast it for dinner!1′ She dusted
the dirt off the Boletus and put it in her basket, then set off energetically and left them far behind.
Where is Leia from? Is she a local villager?”
No, she’s the youngest and most adored lady of the Osborne family. Her family is filthy rich.”
“Why can she handle so much though? She’s better than some of us, who came from poor backgrounds.”
The celebrities covered their microphones and gossiped about Leia secretly. They knew that there was a camera rolling, so they didn’t dare
to gossip too much. Of course, they were talking about Shirley. She came from a poor background, but she was pretentious and could not
take hardships.
Shirley gritted her teeth. People in the entertainment circle were very shallow. They fawned over superior people and put inferior people
down. Before this, those people had tried their best to associate with her and please her when she was still supported in the past. Now,
after they’d learned that she would be suspended by Universal Entertainment, they started kicking her when she was down.
Shirley took a deep breath and quickly caught up with Leia and Xavier in front of her, trying to remedy her damaged reputation. “Wait. I’ll go
up the mountains with you guys.”
Shirley trotted to the front and intimately held Leia’s arm. After she angled herself towards the best shooting angle for the camera, she
started to act sweet and kind.’ Miss Osborne, I’m the fixed guest of this show, so I know this place better than you. Just follow me.”


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