The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302
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Goosebumps prickled Leia’s skin, and she immediately pulled her hand away. “Yeah, I’m
sure you know this place well. After all, you sleep in town at night, and even ask the local
villagers to carry you out of the village. Of course, you’ll know the place.”
Shirley s expression turned livid. ‘ Miss, are you making a joke? I didn’t do that. I sleep in
the village at night.”
“Ah, so what if you sleep in town? You don’t have to hide it. You’re an actress, so I’m sure
you just want to memorize your script in a better place. I’m sure the audience can
understand your situation!” Leia criticized Shirley, but none of the camera crew tried to stop
her. On the contrary, they became quite excited because they were annoyed by Shirley
putting on airs. They had to wake up early in the morning and they had to spend a long time
waiting for her to come back to the village from town. It was ridiculous!
Previously, no one had dared to say anything about it, but unexpectedly, the new guest was
pretty bold. She scolded Shirley in front of the cameras, which made the cameramen
“You, stop that nonsense! The camera is rolling!” Shirley gritted her teeth and warned Leia.
The cameraman gave them a thumbs up as if he was eager for some drama. “It’s fine, you
guys can say whatever you want. We ll edit and delete any unnecessary footage later.”
Leia smiled. “Yeah, they’ll delete it, so calm down… You want to go with me, don’t you?
Hurry up. Let’s talk alone.” She looked around and found that the other celebrities were far
behind them. Even Xavier was gasping for breath as they hiked up the mountain, and was
walking at a distance from them.
“What… What do you want to talk about?” Shirley became guilty and did not dare to go
“Of course, we re going to talk about picking mushrooms!” Leia suddenly grabbed Shirley’s
hand and ran forward, leaving the cameraman behind. “Come! There are a lot of red and
white mushrooms ahead of us. First come, first serve!”
“Stop, stop pulling me. Let go.” Shirley noticed that Leia did not want to let her off the hook.
She didn’t want to run but Leia pulled her, so she had no choice.
Leia stopped when she saw they had left everyone behind.
“Let me ask you one last time. Why did you conspire with the hospital to harm Quinton? You
hold no grudge against him, so why did you do such a wicked thing?”
Hmph! It’s useless even if you interrogate me, I just passed the message along. The
mastermind is hiding safe and sound and watching us fight with each other, Shirley sneered,
her sweet and kind act gone.
“What do you mean?” Leia’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately asked, ‘So, you’re
saying that there’s someone else involved in this?”
“What do you think?” Shirley glanced at Leia. “You’re right-1 don’t know Quinton, so there’s
no reason for me to harm him. I just made a call and the doctor made his decision.”
“What call did you make? Who asked you to make the call? Tell me!” Leia anxiously
grabbed Shirley’s shoulders and interrogated the latter fiercely.
The cameraman who caught up with them happened to catch that scene


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