The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303
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Shirley saw a chance and took it. “Ah!” She screamed and fell backwards. She was on a
slope, so she tumbled down it.
“Shirley, are you okay?” Xavier caught up to them, and quickly went to help Shirley.
Shirley rolled for a while before she hit a stone. Her head was bleeding, and her ankle was
sprained. “Ah, it hurts so bad! Is my leg broken?”
“No, you’re going to be fine. It’s just a sprain.” Xavier inspected Shirley’s leg before he took
off his coat. He used his coat and a straight branch as a makeshift cast, then leaned down
and carried her on his back.
Leia was scared out of her wits. She just wanted to get to the bottom of this. She hadn’t
pushed Shirley, but the angle of the shot made it appear like she had purposely pushed
Shirley down the hill.
“How… How is she?” Leia swallowed, her face pale.
“Get out of the way!” Xavier carried Shirley and pushed Leia aside, then said coldly, “You’re
out of line today. It s very disappointing.”
”1 didn’t…” Leia wanted to explain but Xavier had already left with Shirley on his back.
Leia sighed helplessly, feeling like there was no need to explain. They spent the morning
together going up the hill.
Xavier ignored Shirley but was very attentive to Leia, and Leia had thought that she could
replace Shirley in his heart.
Now, it seemed like she was too naive. She could never surpass Shirley-she was just a tool
Xavier used to make Shirley jealous. She had overestimated herself.
The other celebrities witnessed that scene too, and were baffled.
It was clear that Xavier still loved Shirley deeply given how he cared about her. Was the
ruse of suspending Shirley just a rumor spread by Universal Entertainment to mislead the
public? Maybe the star they wanted to promote was still Shirley. They quickly switched
sides, criticizing Leia harshly.
“I didn’t expect Miss Osborne to push her down so cruelly. Did she want to kill Shirley?”
“I wondered why she pulled Shirley and ran forward. It turned out that she wanted to plot
against Shirley when no one was around!”
“It’s terrifying when women fight for a man’s favor. What a pity! She can’t be compared to
Shirley. Mr. Stuart didn’t even look at her. If it were me, I would be too embarrassed to stay.”
When Leia heard those words, she felt amused, and retorted rudely, “As expected, actors
have no feelings. You guys just fawn over popular people and put unpopular people down.
You praised me just now, but now you’re saying that I’m wicked. How fickle! You’d better
shut up and stay away from me. If not, I II push you down the hill too!”
When the celebrities heard that, they were so scared that they quickly retreated.
”0h( we can’t offend her. The Osborne family has always been cruel. We’d better be careful.


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