The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304
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Shirley was injured, so filming had to be paused temporarily. Both Xavier and the crew
helped send Shirley to the hospital in town together.
“Doctor, how is she?” Once the doctor finished checking Shirley, Xavier quickly went
“She’s fine, it’s just a small fracture. We ll get her a cast, and she’ll recover in a week,” the
doctor explained calmly.
Actually, it was just a twisted ankle, but Shirley had secretly transferred some money to him
and demanded he say that it was a fracture. So, the doctor went against his conscience and
did so.
Tsk! Rich people nowadays had peculiar thoughts. They were fine but pretended to be
injured. Did they have nothing else better to do?
“That’s great.” Xavier heaved a sigh of relief. If Shirley was fine, Leia wouldn’t get in too
much trouble.
Xavier walked into the ward and looked at Shirley who was lying in bed. “Don’t worry, it’s
just a small fracture. You’re fine. You’ll recover after laying in bed for a week.”
Shirley’s eyes were teary as she patted the side of the bed.” Come nearer and sit here. Why
did things have to turn out like this?”
After a brief hesitation, Xavier sat beside her. Shirley was injured, so he had to show her
some compassion. The most important thing was that he had to comfort her. If not, she
might get angry and expose the incident, then Leia would suffer.
“Let’s not mention the past. I’m very sorry for the accident that happened today. I ll say sorry
to you on behalf of Leia.” Xavier put away his usual frivolity and said sincerely.
His statement made Shirley angry, and she sneered, “This was a conflict between Leia and
me, so why are you the one saying sorry?’
“You know that she didn’t do it on purpose. Can’t you just let it go?” Xavier asked. He did not
want Shirley to manipulate the affair and make things difficult for Leia.
“Let it go?” Shirley sneered. “The camera was rolling and many people were watching. Miss
Osborne wanted to push me down the hill and kill me. Should I let it go just because I didn’t
die? Do you think that’s fair?”
“What do you want then?”
What can I do…” Shirley raised her head and smiled wickedly. “I just want to expose this
affair and let the public judge for themselves. If they think it’s fine. I’ll let it go. If they think it’s
unforgivable, HI hold her responsible for it!”
‘”Is there no room for negotiation?” Xavier frowned, his voice cold. His patience was almost
Shirley looked at him, then burst into tears. “Xavier, why are you being so aloof? You’re so
cold towards me for the sake of a woman who nearly killed me. Did you forget that you were
the one who guided me and brought me into this
circle? You helped me get my current position. I’m the flower you raised, but you want to
ruin all that now?”
“The person who ruined you is nobody but yourself. If you didn’t do that back then, I
wouldn’t be so disappointed in you now,” Xavier said angrily.


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