The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307
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It was a very normal statement, but Leia could tell that Shirley was provoking her. She didn’t
know if she was overthinking it, but that kind of gaze disgusted her.
“It seems like I came at the wrong time. I don’t want to disturb you, so I’ll go now…” Leia bit
her lip and kept her head low as she was about to leave.
“No, it’s fine.” Xavier let go of Shirley and said to Leia coldly, “You caused such a great
accident. Don’t you want to
resolve it?” He was on Leia’s side but he could not favor her at a moment like this. Firstly,
he didn’t want to spoil her.
Secondly, he didn’t want to make Shirley jealous in case she decided to take revenge on
Leia assumed that he was sorry for his first love, and bitterness and envy overwhelmed her.
She didn’t want to retreat, so she braced herself and walked into the ward before asking
Shirley, “You know very well that I didn’t push you down the hill on purpose, but I won’t try to
shift the blame either. So, what is it you want? Medical fee? A public apology? Or something
else?” Leia was blunt because she already anticipated that Shirley would find fault with her.
“It’s fine. I know that you didn’t do it on purpose, so I discussed it with Xavier and decided to
let it go. I won’t hold you responsible for it either. Of course… I did it because of Xavier.”
While talking, Shirley looked at Xavier tenderly and smiled sweetly. “I have to thank you
though. We’re able to see our true feelings in hard times. At first, there was some
unresolved tension between Xavier and me, but when I saw how worried he was about me,
those misunderstandings were naturally resolved. We can still be best friends and
soulmates who knew each other best like in the past. Am I right… Xavier?”
Xavier clenched his fists but did not deny it. He said lightly,” Just let bygones be bygones. I
hope that we can get along with each other well like in the past.”
“Like in the past…” Leia snorted. It was unknown whether she was laughing at Xavier or
herself. “Both Xavier and Shirley were an acknowledged couple in the circle. A rich, young
heir and an innocent female star… What a romantic setting! I was so jealous!”
“I thought so too! I didn’t realize how important it was until I lost it, but now I know.” Shirley
grinned happily, her large eyes making her look innocent. She started reminiscing about the
past. “I recalled how ignorant I was when I first joined the entertainment circle. My family
was still waiting for my money to save them. I wanted to sell myself to others and I nearly
died on a table of an underground business at Water Dock. Xavier came and saved me like
a prince in a fairytale. He helped me pay off my family’s debts and hired famous doctors to
cure my family…”
“Really? How romantic! We can’t even find such a romantic storyline in novels. Why haven’t
you guys tied the knot yet? If you promised him earlier, you might be Mrs. Stuart now, and
you’d probably have kids too. What a pity!” Leia knew that Shirley was purposely showing
off, so she suppressed her pain and played along.
Shirley blushed, and tucked her hair behind her ear shyly.” You can’t say that. It depends on
our fate. Maybe Xavier and I hadn’t come to that stage yet back then…”
“I think the time has come now, so you guys should get ready to take the next step. This is a
good year. Work hard and you may even get a baby. How cute!” Leia behaved like a
matchmaker, and spoke excitedly as if she wanted to make it happen.


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