The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308
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“I want to but I don’t know if Xavier…” Shirley looked at Xavier expectantly.
“You don’t have to ask him-the whole city knows that he’s your number one fan. He’s been
running around like your servant for so many years, so I’m sure he’s long wanted to marry
you. You don’t have to ask him,” Leia glanced at Xavier and said enthusiastically.
Xavier pursed his lips and made no reply. He just stared at Leia indifferently.
“Isn’t that true, Mr. Stuart? Miss White made such a bold statement, so shouldn’t you
express your thoughts on the matter?” Leia turned the conversation to Xavier, but did not
dare to look at him out of guilt. She did not know what was on her mind. She was sad, but
she pretended to be unconcerned. She did not want them to get back together with each
other, but she kept making things worse. She must be crazy.
“What else can I say? You’re so good at talking, so you can help me say everything.” Xavier
had been watching Leia the whole time, looking displeased.
Leia felt uneasy under his stare, and gritted her teeth. “What do you mean? I kindly helped
you pursue your first love. It’s alright if you don’t thank me, but there’s no need to ridicule
me as if I’m a busybody. How ungrateful you are!”
“Hmph! So, you know that you’re a busybody?” Xavier’s eyes were sharp and cold. Why
was she so hypocritical? She watched another woman trying to seduce her man but she did
not compete for his favor. She even tried to set them up. She was indeed the kindest person
in the world, so he needed to thank her abundantly.
“I won’t meddle in it if you think I’m a busybody. I won’t care about your affairs either. After
all, I can’t get a penny even if you two get married. If you argue and want a divorce later,
you may even blame me. I must be out of my mind to meddle in this!” Leia crossed her
arms and turned away from him angrily.
“I didn’t ask you to meddle in this. Whatever happens between Shirley and me is our matter
to settle. Why do you want to see it happen? What good does it bring you?” Xavier growled.
Leia was angry, but he was angrier. No one wanted to see their beloved enthusiastically
push them to someone else.
“It’ll bring me nothing good. I said I won’t meddle in it. What else do you want me to do? Do
you want me to get down on my knees and say sorry for being a busybody?” Leia turned
around and glared at him, her eyes slightly teary. Her actions were indeed baffling and
embarrassing from an outsider’s point of view. Leia had never felt so humiliated in a
relationship before


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