The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311
Enter title…
“You like Santiago too? He’s very nice and charming. What’s more, he’s professional,
humble, and virtuous. In short… he’s my idol, the one and only one!” When Leia thought of
Santiago, she smiled and thought, ‘Xavier, so what if you have your first love? I have an idol
I admire too.’
“Mr. Jiminez, do you know Santiago? I heard that he’s pretty aloof and rarely befriends
people in the entertainment circle, ” Leia asked him curiously. At first, she was not very
interested in the shrewd director, but when she heard that he admired Santiago too, she felt
as if she had found a kindred spirit. Her mood improved too, and she was friendly to him
“We’re way more than that-we’re close friends. I’ll let you in on a secret… Santi owes me a
big favor, so he’ll surely come here if I invite him,” Adam raised his head and said proudly.
If a person could pacify such a difficult character in the entertainment circle, they were truly
capable regardless of how wide their connections were. It was something they could boast
about forever.
“He once was a guest actor in my movie. There was a scene where he needed to dive into
the water. Santi was very professional, and even though others got substitutes to do it
forthem, he wanted to do it himself. Unfortunately, he nearly drowned, and I jumped into the
water to save him. That’s why we’re close now.”
“Oh, I know that. Is that the rumored drowning accident during the filming of Abyss 2? Mr.
Jiminez, you’re so great. You saved his life as well as his many fans’ lives!” Leia still
remembered the news. Some people claimed that it was a rumor while others claimed that it
was true. Now that she gained the affirmation from Adam, she admired him and Santiago
even more.
“So, what do you think? Would you be willing to be a fixed guest of this show if I can invite
Santi over?” Adam finally circled back to his main purpose.
“Yes, of course. I’m willing even if I have to pay.” Leia nodded eagerly. “I never dreamed of
shooting a show with my idol. It’ll be a lifelong memory even if it’s just an episode or two!”
“If you’re alright with it, we can sign a contract. After all, Shirley is sick, so you can take her
spot,” Adam offered, wanting Leia’s confirmation quickly.
His enthusiasm confused Leia. “But Mr. Jiminez, I’m not a famous person or star… I’m just
an ordinary person. Why do you want me to join this show? Fixed guests have a lot of
scenes, so aren’t you afraid of me ruining your reputation?”
“That’s impossible. I’m still counting on you to help me advance to the next level!” Adam
patted her shoulder and said brightly, “I’m good at judging people since I’ve been in this
industry for so many years. You’ll become a hot topic and definitely be favored by the
audience. You’re born to be a star. You’ll definitely shoot to fame after the show is
“Fine, you have my word,” Leia agreed to it directly. She didn’t care that much about fame,
but since she was running a company now, she should at least take the offer to advance her
business. She could build a foundation for her career too, and she’d have close contact with
Santiago. She couldn’t think of a single disadvantage!


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