The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312
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Leia frowned, worried. “I just hurt Shirley. Everyone avoids me and sees me as a wicked
woman, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get along with them.”
Leia felt anxious when she recalled how the other guests treated her that morning. Those
people were fickle—if they saw Xavier and Shirley together, they would curry favor with
Shirley and regard Leia as their enemy. If she had to shoot for the show under such
circumstances, she was afraid that she might end up fighting with them on camera.
“It’s fine. You can fight with them if you can’t get along with them. You can fall out with
whichever pretentious person you want. Just be yourself, you don’t have to pretend to like
them. I hate pretentious people the most too.” Adam took a fancy to Leia because he found
her an unaffected person. She was unlike the stars who had been in the industry for many
years. They were different in front of the camera and in private. As a result, the show
became a platform for their hypocrisy. It was meaningless.
After Leia made up her mind, she felt much better. She signed a contract with the crew and
agreed to be a fixed guest on the subsequent episodes of the show.
It was like killing two birds with one stone for her-she could meet her idol, and use the time
to get useful clues from Shirley.
Two days later, Shirley returned to the crew from the hospital, wearing a cast. Xavier had
been taking care of her for two days, so he returned at the same time.
Leia was lying in a hammock and enjoying the sunlight on her face. Both her body and mind
could relax like this. At first, she was in a great mood, but when she saw Xavier help Shirley
walk into the house, her mood worsened.
“Hey, you’re back. Great! We missed you guys so much when you weren’t around…” Lily
and the others went to them enthusiastically, asking about Xavier and Shirley’s health.
Leia lay in the hammock with a green foxtail in her mouth. She did not even look up, like a
true loner.
“I’m sorry for delaying the shooting. I asked the doctor, and he said I can move around a bit
now, so I came back. I hope I’m not a burden to everyone,” Shirley said pretentiously. She
could move around long ago, but she just laid in bed wearing the cast so Xavier would take
care of her.
Although she enjoyed it very much, she was afraid that she might get sick from lying in bed
all day, so she finally decided to leave the hospital.
People would think she was dedicated to her work… It was the perfect plan.
Xavier remained quiet. He left Shirley in her assistant and agent’s care before leaving the
noisy crowd. He looked around and finally saw Leia in the hammock under a large tree in
the backyard. He was happy to see her healthy and happy, but he also felt strangely
disappointed that she wasn’t affected by his absence.
He strode to her, forming a tall shadow as he looked down at her condescendingly. “You
caused a lot of trouble, but you don’t look guilty or remorseful at all.”


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