The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313
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Leia was enraged by his words, and snapped at him, “Why? Do you want me to cry and
kneel at her feet? Should I go throw myself off a hill to make up for it?”
“That’s unnecessary, but you can’t just pretend like nothing happened,” Xavier said
seriously. Everyone had been fussing over Shirley, and if Leia, the person who had caused
the accident, didn’t seem concerned, people would surely gossip about her.
“Yeah, that’s not happening. Do something about it if you can’t accept it,” Leia said smugly,
then placed her book on her face and swayed on the hammock, shutting everything out.
She might be rude, but she could not be polite to a pretentious diva like Shirley.
Shirley walked towards them, flanked by the others, and held Xavier’s hand intimately.
“Xavier, Miss Osborne is sleeping. Let’s not disturb her. We’d better go back and rest.
I said that I had forgiven her and that I don’t blame her for what happened. Let’s not dwell
on that accident any longer.”
Everyone would surely praise someone who said something so mature and noble.
Even though Xavier was good at identifying pretentious people, he felt that Shirley was just
being considerate. His expression turned cold as he said to Leia, “Look at how generous
she is. You should learn from her.”
“Tsk!” Leia was full of scorn as she rolled her eyes.
At that moment, they heard Adam’s excited voice. “Ah, Santi, you’ll be here soon? I’m
honored, really. Okay, I’ll come and pick you up now.”
“Mr. Dalton is here?” Leia perked up and immediately put away her book. She stood up,
pushed Xavier and Shirley aside, and ran to Adam.
“Mr. Jiminez, what did you say? Is Mr. Dalton here?” Leia’s eyes lit up as she asked
“Yeah, he’s at the entrance of the village. Do you want to go pick him up with me?”
“Of course! I’ll drive us there in the pickup now!”
A pickup truck was necessary transportation for the people in the house to get to the
entrance of the village. It could go through mud roads and help deliver luggage. Although it
was a bumpy ride, it was convenient.
Leia had only been there for a few days, but she was good at driving pickups now. She
would take the wheel if they ever needed to go to the entrance of the village to buy
Soon, the sound of an engine roaring could be heard, and Leia appeared, driving a pickup.
She was wearing a straw hat, and stopped the car in front of Adam with a big grin.” Mr.
Jiminez, get in the car!”
Adam grabbed the side of the car and smoothly pulled himself into the vehicle.
Leia pressed on the pedal and was about to turn the pickup when Xavier suddenly said, “I
want to go too.”
Leia frowned. “You don’t want to stay with your weak first love? Why do you want to go?”
“It’s none of your business,” Xavier said abruptly, then leaped into the backseat of the
“You’re out of your mind!” When Leia noticed how insistent he was, she gritted her teeth and
said nothing, but her wild driving made it obvious that she was furious.
Xavier had quite a bumpy ride in the backseat. It was quite a challenge for him since he
always rode in luxurious sports cars.



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