The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315
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Santiago walked over to Leia and tilted his head, smiling boyishly at her. “Are you Miss Leia
Osborne, the young lady Mr. Jiminez finds interesting?”
“Ah, yes… That’s me!” Leia looked up at him shyly, struck dumb when she met his bright
gaze. She sighed dreamily.1 He’s so handsome… TV doesn’t do him justice! He’s so perfect
and charming that I can’t look away.”
“I hope we’ll work together well.” Santiago extended his hand to her, a warm smile on his
Leia held his hand with trepidation, and felt her heart flutter when her sweaty palm touched
his cool skin and slender fingers.
She decided not to wash her hand for a week.
“Yes, I hope so too!” Leia said nervously, then immediately handed the bouquet to him.
“These are wildflowers I picked by the road. It’s… for you. I hope your future is as free and
bountiful as these wildflowers.”
“Wildflowers?” Santiago took the bouquet from her and sniffed it. He broke into a happy
smile, looking charming amidst the beautiful wildflowers. “I’ve gotten many
bouquets before, but this is the first time someone’s given me wildflowers. They’re beautiful,
and I like them very much. Thank you.”
“It’s nothing big. I’m glad you like it. If you want, I can go up the hill and pick them for you
every day.” Leia scratched her head awkwardly and grinned.
Xavier sat at the back and watched their conversation with narrowed eyes. He was so angry
that he felt like smashing the car. He asked Adam coldly, “Didn’t you say he keeps a low
profile? He seems to be quite skilled at flirting with women; I feel inferior to him even though
I’m a playboy. He’s not at all low-key and melancholic.”
Adam retreated awkwardly. “Santi is indeed a low-key person, but he’s very nice to his fans
and he likes interesting people. Miss Osborne is so special and cute, so not only Lily, I, and
the others like her very much, Santi does too.”
“She’s cute?” Xavier glanced at Leia, who was blushing and smiling happily. He scoffed,
“You think a tomboy like her is cute? All of you must be blind.”
Leia and Santiago got close to each other very fast. She was a people person, and after she
got over her initial nervousness, she spoke enthusiastically to an amused Santiago like they
were long-lost friends.
“Mr. Dalton, are you thirsty? I’ll buy you some water,” Leia asked Santiago kindly.
“Not really…”
“That means you’re thirsty. Wait here, I’ll get you some water. ” Leia jumped out of the
pickup and ran towards a store at the entrance of the village.
“I’m thirsty too. Help me buy a bottle of water!” Xavier yelled at Leia.



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