The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316
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“There’s a drain there. Help yourself!” Leia snapped at Xavier grumpily.
Xavier’s face fell. Even the stray dogs in the village got better treatment than him. Upset, he
jumped out of the pickup and followed Leia.
They both entered the store, and Leia meticulously picked water for Santiago. “Give me two
bottles of pure water. I want the best and most expensive kind.”
She knew that Santiago needed that much since he watched his diet and drank only plain
water from a high-end brand. However, this store had a limited selection, so they only sold
ordinary mineral water.
Leia became anxious. She took out a ten-dollar bill and urged the cashier, “Help me get
some high-end pure water next time you restock. My idol loves to drink that.”
Xavier leaned against the cabinet and crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow at her
mockingly. “It’s just water, doesn’t it all taste the same?”
“You don’t know anything!” Leia rolled her eyes at him.” There are different kinds of water.
Some are pure like mountain springs and sweet, and some are full of impurities and
unhealthy to drink!”
Though she was talking about water, it sounded like she was criticizing someone.
Xavier raised his brows and said meaningfully, “So you’re aware of that? Looks can be
deceiving, and your ‘low-key’ idol probably has ulterior motives. He purposely wants to fool
rich young ladies like you to gain a more powerful position, and you’re stupidly falling for his
tricks and wagging your tail at him like a puppy. You’re giving him everything he wants!”
‘Xavier, Santiago is my idol, so you can’t just slander him like that! I know you’re a playboy,
but please don’t casually comment on others based on your own understanding. You don’t
know him, so you have no right to humiliate him!” Leia was furious. She was a fangirl; she
didn’t mind if someone insulted her, but nobody could insult her idol! Santiago was being so
nice to her but Xavier was slandering him so easily. It was no different from the bad netizens
who made vulgar rumors about beautiful women.
“Did I humiliate him?” Xavier found Leia’s infatuation unbelievable. She was generally a
sensible person, so why was she behaving so foolishly now?
“If he’s in the entertainment circle, there’s no way he got to where he is without dirtying his
hands. This circle is a mess, and honorable people will eventually become corrupted. If he
didn’t want to gain more power, he would have left a long time ago. Why did he come to this
variety show? I just don’t want you to be tricked. After all, it’s not the first time someone
fooled you. You’d better keep that in mind!”
“Hmph, yeah! The only honorable person in the entertainment circle is your first love. Your
first love
behaves like a devious snake, but you still think she’s naive and innocent. Do you still see
her as a victim? You and I share the same feelings—I just believe that the idol I like will not
disappoint me.”
“So, you’re holding a grudge against me?” Xavier immediately looked pleased, and he
smiled. “So, you’re using your idol to infuriate me by comparing him to Shirley?”
“Ugh, you’re overthinking. Don’t compare Shirley to Mr.
Dalton, it’s a great insult. If you’re so free, go online and look up who Santiago is and what
kind of past he has…” Leia continued disdainfully, “His family isn’t bad. He joined the
entertainment circle because he loves performing. He isn’t anything like your first love who
does all kinds of things to gain more power. They’re not the same. Oh, I’m tired of talking to
After that, she threw a bottle of water at him and went straight to Santiago


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