The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317
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There were only two seats at the back and one seat beside Leia on their way back.
Leia blushed and said to Santiago, “Mr. Dalton, you can sit with me if you’re okay with it.
Don’t worry, my driving skills are very good. The car won’t turn over, I promise.’
Santiago was amused by Leia. He sipped his water, his perfect facial features even more
attractive under the sunlight. He scratched his thick hair and said, “It’s fine. I’m not afraid of
the car turning over.”
“How coy!’ Xavier brushed past Santiago and took the front seat casually.” He’s a star who
earns money using his charms, so he cant take such a risk. I’d better sit here. After all, I
don’t need my face to earn money.”
His actions and words made everyone feel awkward.
Leia clenched her fists angrily and gritted her teeth. ‘How shameless!”
Santiago looked at Leia and Xavier, then raised his brows and smiled. “Mr. Stuart, I’ll sit at
the back since you like this spot so much.”
“How sensible of you.” Xavier glanced at Santiago in disdain.
Santiago put his hands in his pockets and met Xavier’s gaze challengingly.” After all, I’ll
have a lot of chances to sit there in the future.”
Adam broke into a cold sweat and laughed nervously. “Gentlemen, it’s just the shotgun seat
of a pickup. Should I take it if both of you don’t want to?”
One of them was a big shot and the other was a top star. Adam was merely a director of a
variety show, so he couldn’t afford to offend either.
“Don’t you dare!” Xavier glared at Adam as if he had told him he was taking his throne.
Santiago patted Adam’s shoulders and smiled. “Adam, it’s better to not get involved.’
“Oh, I guess I spoke out of turn. I’m sorry.” Adam sat down and kept quiet, not wanting to
meddle in that mess ever again.
Xavier had ruined Leia’s chance to sit with her idol, so she looked sullen. She drove wildly
until Xavier was forced to lean against her.
“Hey, slow down. I can’t take it if you drive so fast!” He grabbed her arm and tried to
persuade her nervously.
“I haven’t even started but you already can’t take it, huh?” She glared at him. “Why did you
sit here if you couldn’t take it? You shouldn’t overestimate yourself. It serves you right,
If not for him, Santiago would be leaning against her and asking for her protection now. The
more she thought about it, the angrier she became.
“Can’t you control your speed? It’ll be safer and more comfortable if you slow down.” Xavier
“But I’m not comfortable. I like to go fast,” she replied seriously.
Both Santiago and Adam exchanged awkward glances at the back as they caught bits and
pieces of the conversation.
Santiago asked hesitantly, “What exactly are they talking about?”
Adam said quickly, “Just stop listening to them and pretend we know nothing.”
After a bumpy ride, they finally arrived at the house. Everyone came over to welcome them.
Although Santiago was young, he was powerful and influential in the entertainment circle. It
was mainly because of his outstanding aura and perfect face, but he also had exceptional
acting skills. The other young celebrities were infatuated with him too.


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